Chance a smart slacker

<p>Freshman Year:
Honors Intro to Psychics B+
Honors Algebra II B-
English B-
History B+
Spanish I B</p>

<p>Sophmore Year:
Honors Bio C-
Honors Geometry B-
Honors US History I C-
English A-
Spanish II B+</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Honors Chemistry D-
Honors Trig and Precalc D+
Honors US History II C
English B+
Spanish III B</p>

<p>All final grades. I know I did horrible this year, **** happens I just didn't apply myself at all. I don't have any interesting hook, not many EC's just Varsity Sports.</p>

<p>SAT's for June: 1920 690 CR, 650 Math, 580 Writing</p>

<p>Chance me at UMass Amherst and other schools around the northeast area. Also what are my chances for U of South Carolina</p>

<p>Not sure, but you have two D's junior year plus several C's. Those will be hard to sell to any college in the nation.</p>

<p>All is not lost. Plan on spending your freshman year at another state school in your home state, getting really good grades. Then apply to transfer. Your diploma will tell where you graduated from, not where you started. Also, can you retake those D courses over the summer? It won't wipe out the poor grades, but it will show motivation.</p>

<p> have a downward trend.</p>

<p>As for U South Carolina....are your parents willing to pay the full OOS rates for it (probably about $35k per year)? If not, why are you considering going there?</p>

<p>There are schools that will take you. What is your budget? How much will your parents spend each year?</p>

<p>umass amherst is pretty easy to get into. your cr score and math score are well above average for there (go to to look at middle 50 stats). same with u of south carolina...not sure how competitive it is out-of-state though.</p>

<p>Yeah, downward trends suck I know. For U of South Carolina, there are a lot of scholarships that reduce your tuition to in-state, having to do with your SAT's scores. My budget is kind of small honestly, given my step-dad could pay for any college I want to go to had I shown any ambition in school. I want to pay for college myself basically with student loans.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>