Chance a sophomore for UCs

hi everyone! i’m a current sophomore, i know my stats rn aren’t much to go off of, but i want to see how i’m standing & if i can improve!!


  • white female from pa

  • middle class

  • major: either poli sci or english idk yet


  • uw gpa: 3.56

  • uc gpa: 3.96uw 4.11w

  • 6 honors courses, 1 ap as of sophomore year

  • planning to take 4 aps and 1 honors next year


  • model un: since this year, vice president junior year, been to 1 conference & won best delegate there

  • youth & government: since this year, committee chair (statewide position), planning on running for president of my branch

  • job as a cashier since april 2021, had it all summer

  • in key club & spanish club, but no roles

  • around 30 volunteer hours, i’m planning on going on a 2 week trip to guatemala to help out at an orphanage but idk if that counts???

Too early and they don’t include 9th grade in the calc although they may look at it.

Do u have the $$. Will be full pay.

Also when you say UC. UC Merced is different than UCB , etc.

Ps everyone can improve.

First of all you are doing fine so far but not even a full year of Sophomore grades is enough to determine your chances.

UC’s only use 10-11th grades in their GPA calculation. Also OOS Honors classes are not recognized by the UC’s for the extra Honors points in the GPA calculation.

Also as an OOS applicant, the UC’s offer no financial aid so you and your family will be expected to full fees at $67/year to attend.

What are your career goals with your major?

Continue doing what you love and have the money talk with your parents before focusing in on any particular schools. Come back at the end of Junior year and update your stats, EC’s and budget so posters can give you some constructive feedback. In the meantime, enjoy HS and start researching some likely/ safety colleges first. These are sometimes hard to find but very important.


thank you sm for the response!! i only put in aps for the honors classes bc it says those are counted…… could def be wrong though

i’d love to go to law school…. so the price, esp oos is definitely a huge con, even w/o law school

UC’s will only give Honors points for AP/IB and dual enrollment UC transferable classes. OOS HS designated Honors classes are excluded from the additional Honors points. If Law school is a possibility, then the UC’s are not an affordable choice unless you have an unlimited budget.

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If price is an issue and law schools don’t care where you go, maybe a UC isn’t right for you.

It’s a bit early but you will want to have a budget discussion with your parents and factor in seven years of school.

Some kids have a big budget. Others much smaller. Some parents can afford but don’t want to afford.

Understanding your finances up front…whether you will qualify for aid, what your folks are willing or able to spend….that’s the most important thing…b4 anything.

For example if you can go to your state flagship or another school for $30k abs your parents say they’re they’re not going higher, then the UCs would be out bcuz even if you got in you are not going.

So understanding budget is the most important thing you can do b4 identifying schools.