chance a student with a upward trend!?

<p>Major: Double major: applying to double major in Neuroscience/English</p>

<p>GPA UW: 83.4% UW</p>

<p>Freshman Yr: 78.9 Unweighted, 81.3 Weighted
Sophomore Year: 76.9%
Junior Year: 94.2% UW, i think 97.2 W
Senior Year progress report: All A's with practically everything IB except Math, which is AP Stats. </p>

<p>Competitive Catholic High School in NYC. </p>

<p>SAT: 2030 (700 Math, 670 Writing, 660 CR)</p>

<p>SAT II's:
Math Level 1: 710
Lit: 690
Chem: 650
Global History: 680
Physics: 630
US History: 660
Spanish: 710</p>

<p>AP Exams:
AP US History- 4
AP English Language- 4</p>

<p>IB Classes i just took in my Junior Year:</p>

<p>IB History of the Americas HL
IB Math Studies 11 SL
IB English 11 HL
IB Psychology SL</p>

<p>IB Classes for SENIOR Year:
IB Spanish HL
IB History HL
IB English Literature HL
IB Psychology HL
IB Environmental Systems SL
AP Statistics</p>

All honors classes Freshman Year</p>

<p>Global History 10 Honors
Religion 11 Honors
Physics 11 Honors
Spanish 10 Honors</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:
Photography for 4 years. have a pretty good set of pictures</p>

<p>Community Service: 750 Hours at a university Hospital.</p>

<p>Trombone for school Jazz Band/Select band 10-12</p>

<p>Irish Celtics Drum Corp 11-12</p>

<p>Select Chamber Chorus 11-12</p>

<p>Advanced Drumline: 11-12</p>

<p>School Newspaper 11-12 Photography Editor, Writer </p>

Amnesty International Secretary11-12
Psychology Club President 11-12
Campus Ministry Co-Leader 12
Great Books Club Vice President 10-12
Young Republicans of America 11-12
Interact Club 9-10</p>

Track Varsity 12
volleyball Varsity 11,12</p>

<p>School Awards:
Deans List Award (x2)
Spanish award
top student in english literature award
Physics award</p>

Liv Environment: 81
Chemistry: 83
Math A: 90
Global History: 94
Physics: 87
Spanish: 94
English: 95
Math B: 89
US HISTORY: 88</p>


<p>Won "Finalist" in the Ayn Rand National Writing Contest for Anthem in 10th grade</p>

<p>NYU Pre-College Program
Intro to Macroeconomics: B+
Intro to Psychology and its applications: A-</p>

<p>NYS Summer Young Writers institute in 11th grade. REALLY COMPETITIVE. had to write a 10-page piece of literature, which i did a short story, just to gain admissions into it.</p>

<p>With that SAT score and extracurricular activities, you will definitely get in. your gpa is not that bad either.</p>

<p>Chances look strong... good luck!</p>