Chance a transfer? + Georgetown's Arabic?

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I'm trying to transfer into Georgetown from my state's flagship university. I went into my current university as a journalism major, realized that what I was really interested in was human rights/international development, and decided I might want to go on to study public policy/law.</p>

<p>My HS SAT was about 2100.
HS GPA: ~3.8 - 3.9 (Don't remember exactly!)
In HS, I participated in MUN for one year, worked with Habitat for Humanity for 4, copy edited school newspaper, edited yearbook, tutored, AP scholar (took about 8 APs: six 5's, one 4, one 3) etc. Nothing too fancy, but I did well enough to be admitted to a tier 1 university - one of the original public ivies. </p>

<p>I'm trying to transfer into Georgetown's SFS.
Right now, I'm a sophomore at my university.
GPA: 3.84
I'm an undergraduate writing TA, volunteer at a domestic abuse center for Asian women, done psychology research in two labs (clinical/behavioral), an Arabic Flagship scholar, won a few writing scholarships/an yearly scholarship, an officer at my school's Amnesty International chapter, a member of a top 10% honor society, and taken a heavy courseload (took 21 hours my second semester while maintaining extra-curricular activities and a life).</p>

<p>I have three majors at the moment (yikes, I know): Psychology, Arabic Language and Literature, and an interdisciplinary honors major in which I'm hoping to study human rights in the Islamic world.</p>

<p>So, my question is: do I have a shot at Georgetown?</p>

<p>And my second question is, how's the Arabic program at Georgetown? My university has one of the best Arabic programs in the nation (my professors wrote Al-Kitaab) and with my Arabic Flagship program, I'm on track to take graduate level courses in Arabic by my senior year, then spend an all-expenses-paid-for year abroad studying in an Arabic medium university in the Middle East. </p>

<p>I LOVE my current university's Arabic program, but really don't see much in its IR program. That's why I'm thinking of transferring. So, second question: How's the Arabic at Gtown?</p>


<p>I have heard their Arabic is great. I plan to study it if I attend next year. I believe they established the first center in America dedicated to purely Arabic studies.</p>