chance a transfer please

<p>Jewish/Hispanic male Sophomore from the University of Central Florida, first generation college student with 36 credits and a 3.57 gpa (rising trend). I am taking 12 credits in the fall and 15 in the spring. My high school statistics weren't great I started my Junior year with a 2.76 and graduated with a 3.4, shows my ability to bounce back from adversity, but by the end of my spring semester I will of completed 66 credits, which I would imagine would make my high school record irrelevant. I don't have classes like calc or chem because my major doesn't require it and would be irrelevant to my course study. In my essay I talked about how I wanted to transfer so that I could be afforded more research opportunities, take advantage of the great internship opportunities in NY which my current university lacks, as well as Fordhams study abroad program. </p>

<p>Great Recommendation letters and essays (probably the strongest part of my application besides my ecs)</p>

<p>Fall courses:
Composition 2
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
American History 2</p>

Political phycology
Scope and Methods of political Science
Comparative Politics
International Politics </p>

<p>Extracurriculars (high school):</p>

<p>Varsity Swim team captain
2 year varsity lettermen
Most outstanding new swimmer award
Founder of Tiger Care International (helped raise money for children in Uganda)
Best Buddies peer mentor
Red Cross Volunteer
Community pool Lifeguard
Part of school debate team </p>

<p>Extracurriculars (college):</p>

<p>Committee chair of Philanthropy within my fraternity
Coordinator for two autism awareness fundraisers raising over $10,000 last year (will be doing the same this year)
Member of Phi Alpha Delta (pre-law fraternity)
Volunteer (Habitat for Humanity)
Member of College Democrats
Summer internship as a Legal Assistant at a law firm
Inter Fraternal Counsel Judicial board member </p>

<p>If anyone has any suggestions in what I would need to do in order to better my chances of admittance please let me know!</p>

<p>I’m never comfortable chancing people, and I really don’t know about Fordham’s transfer admissions, but I do have one suggestion. Fordham has quite a large core curriculum. One friend of my S transfered into Fordham and found he has to spend an extra semester there in order to fulfill the required the core classes. I would either go to Fordham’s website or just google “Fordham core curriculum” and see how the classes you have taken match up with the requirements to graduate Fordham. I think it would be helpful information to have when pursuing a transfer just so you don’t get surprised later on. Good luck.</p>