Chance A Transfer Student! (Please!)

<p>Hey everyone, I would love if you all could give me some advice on my transfer chances.</p>

<p>High School</p>

<p>GPA = 4.0 (unweighted)
Coursework = as rigorous as possible, since my school offered no APs
ACT = 33
Class rank = 1 of 38</p>

<p>Lots of volunteering, etc… but nothing overly impressive. Was waitlisted at Brown, UPenn, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and Notre Dame. I ended up going to UW-Madison.</p>


<p>Semester 1
Chem 103 = A
Calc 221 = A
English 168 = A
Music 43 = A</p>

<p>Semester 2
Chem 104 = B
Calc 222 = B
Afro-American Art 242 = A
Phy. Ed 101 = AB
Music 43 = A</p>

<p>Semester 3
Chem 343 = AB
Biology 151 = A
LIS 201 = A
Health Care 105 = A
Music 43 = A</p>

<p>Current GPA = 3.715</p>

<p>Held a job for my second semester, have volunteered at the UW-Hospital, am volunteering at a homeless shelter and doing some research next semester.</p>

<p>My rec letter will be pretty good from my TA for LIS201, and I plan on having the doctor who I’ll be doing research with next semester write my other letter. I think my essays will be good, but if you want to check them out send me a PM.</p>

<p>My main reasons for transferring are that I am looking for a different kind of college environment than what Madison offers. I feel like I’m learning, but not engaging due to the attitude of many students around me. Brown feels like a great fit for me; somewhere on the website it read that Brown is “competitive but collaborative.” I have a couple other various reasons as well.</p>

<p>Do I stand a chance for Brown?</p>

<p>P.s. I’m also applying to Cornell and Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>My only recommendation is to get another recommendation from a professor. (Pun semi-intended :p)
Has the person you are doing research with been your professor for a class previously?</p>

<p>If you don't ask for FA, I'm 75% sure you'll get in.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, all my lectures so far have been 200+ students, so I haven't gotten to know any professors all that well. I figured my TA for one class and the doctor I'm doing research with will have to work. I haven't had the doctor for any classes, but I'll be putting in a lot of time so I'll get to know him pretty well.</p>

<p>That's encouraging Lobzz - unfortunately I'm going to need FA, though =/</p>

<p>Isn't Brown need blind, though? Why would FA matter in that circumstance (or are they only need blind for first years)?</p>

<p>Even though it sucks, Brown is need-aware for transfer students:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Hi, I'm a freshman I also want to transfer to Brown for (hopefully) fall 2011. Can you chance me please?</p>

<p>High School:
GPA: 3.983/4.0 (Weighted)
Rank: 8/284
SAT: 1890 (i know it's a low score but saw some people getting in with that score...)
EC: Dance, Volutneering at a hospital, Did a volunteer project in India, did some programs through UMDNJ, tutoring, etc.
Honors/Awards: Won some state/regional awards (1st prizes) and received recognitions at several science fairs; won a scholarship?</p>

So far GPA: 3.716
courses: first semester
Chem 0110 (Chem1)- B+
Math 0230 (Calc 2)- A-
Commrc 0520 (Public Speaking): A
Neuroscience 0080 (Brain & Behavior): A</p>

<p>courses (second/current semester):
chem 2
physics 1
a history class
intro to psych

<p>EC: volunteering (patient care) at a neurology department; part of the school's fusion dance team; part of other clubs</p>

<p>all my classes at my school are so huge (200-400 students) that it's so hard for the professor and the student to get to know each other but i'm trying my best to get to know the professor..</p>

<p>but yeah i applied to brown as a senior last year and got rejected but i was waitlisted at barnard....</p>

<p>brown would be an awesome place for me because it's small, has a sense of community, and it's diverse, and it's curriculum especially</p>

<p>and i'll be applying for financial aid</p>