Chance a transfer?

<p>I'm curious my chances of transferring into a high ranked/ivy league school.</p>

<p>White/male/27 years old
Took SAT in 2000 - (1100) score system changed soon after making them invalid so pointless to include
Graduated HS in 2001 with average grades.</p>

<h2>EC: Middle School mentor, FFA President, FBLA Vice President</h2>

<p>With ok grades I decided to go the 2 year technical training route in Computer Admin (school was non accredited so no degree just a certificate)</p>

<h2>Worked ~5 years in the IT industry.</h2>

<p>Decided to turn my life around...
Entered back into Community College in 2008 (Engineering Science A.S. program)
Took all the toughest math/science/engineering classes offered (Calc 1/2/3, DifEQ, Calc based Physics 1/2, EGR Statics/Dynamics/Thermo) Got all A's and B's in them.
GPA 3.75 </p>

<p>In Epsilon Pi Tau (Honor Society) - Will enter Phi Beta Kappa (Honor Society) this Fall.</p>

:Multiple (3) ongoing team based research & development projects with engineering companies and partner universities, with the role of lead CAD designer. (These are all equivalent to or greater than most senior design projects, some participants are given senior design credit for their work depending on their school) - Presented projects and results to deans/professors/state board of education/NSF in professional settings (giving big presentations in front of large crowds.) (2 years)
::Under the above program there is also a winter course in project management, and building project plans that meet industry standards. (not sure the relevance but worth mentioning that I'm already qualified to be a project manager)</p>

<p>:Vice President of Community College Science & Engineering Club (2 years)</p>

<h2> ::Club Projects have included - Built a 12' catapult, fire fighting robot for Trinity competition, currently working on UAV helicopter system.</h2>

<p>I'm confident I can get glowing letters of recommendation from at least a half dozen math/sci/eng professors, industry professionals, and academic advisors who all know me personally. So what are my chances of getting into a higher tier school? Any suggestions to which I should be looking at? I know the rocky HS will hurt a lot, along with the SAT, however given the time gap and showing I can clearly do the work, have a diverse history of leadership and team work, and am already involved in the engineering industry at a professional level I'm hoping will make up for my earlier shortcomings.</p>

<p>Also I have 1 semester to go to earn my A.S. which I intend to get, and seeing how the application deadline is long past due for most schools I don't think I can transfer into most top tier schools this fall/spring. Which begs the question, do I take a semester off and apply for Fall 2011 or try to find a school that will take me for 1 semester while I try to transfer elsewhere.</p>

<p>Ideally I'd love to get into Brown or Yale because their programs sound attractive to me, but given how competitive transferring is with them I won't hold my breath.</p>

<p>Thanks for any input :)</p>

<p>Wow, for a second there I thought I was reading my bio. I had a situation very similar to yours and got into UCLA, so tough situations can still end up in your favor. Not everyone hits the ground running when they graduate high school. Do your best to explain your situation in your essay. Keep a positive attitude, but always have a back up plan.</p>