Chance a UCLA hopeful!!!!

<p>I'm applying into the College of L&S:
UCLA - Mathematics/Econ</p>

<p>UC GPA 10-11 full weighted: 4.46
Unweighted GPA: 3.88
SAT I: 2040 - (680 math, 720 writing, 640 reading, essay:10)
ACT: 31 - (31 writing, 36 math, 28 reading, 27 science)
SAT II's: Math IIC - 770</p>


English I Honors A/A
Algebra 2/Trig Honors A/A
Biology A/A
Spanish II A/A
Adv Orchestra A/A</p>

AP European History B/B
AP Chem A/A
Honors Pre-cal (UC approved hon) A/A
Spanish III A/A
English II Honors A/A
Adv Orhcestra A/A</p>

AP Psychology A/A
AP US History A/A
AP Calculus A/A
AP Biology A/B
Spanish III A/A
Adv Orchestra A/A</p>

AP Government/Politics
AP Phsyics B
Introductory Statistics
Advanced Composition
Adv Orchestra</p>


<li>very strong EC's, leadership, and I have been in most of my activities/community service since freshmen year. Ranked around 10 out of 750 at my school. And also, my senior year courseload is slightly easier than my soph/junior year courseloads, will this have a huge impact on admission chances?** That's my main concern, my easier senior year schedule. Applying to UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCI, UCR, UCSD, and UCSB. Please chance me, thank you!</li>

<p>Your chances look great at all of the campuses. Your stats are comparable to what mine were when I applied, and I got into all of my choices at the UCs and USC. Also got generous scholarship offers at several of the campuses, making my decision difficult when it was time to submit my SIR. </p>

<p>I would worry 0% about the difficultly of your courseload; it's already obvious that you're a hard worker, and it's silly to stress over 1 less AP course.</p>

<p>thanks for the advice!! I didn't mean for my senior year to appear easier, I had to level down from one of my AP's and ive kinda been over thinking the whole "senior year rigor" thing since :/ What school did you end up choosing to attend?</p>

<p>I doubt you'll survive the math curriculum even if you get in but you'll be fine in North Campus.</p>

<p>dont be intimidated by the math idea my sibling is majoring in applied mathematics and he says it's not as bad as everybody says it will be. then again he is good and math and he doesnt mind doing it. im assuming you are good at it since ur applying to it . and if it is really what you like doing it/passionate about it, you shouldnt have a problem doing it.. even if it is hard/a lot of work</p>

I doubt you'll survive the math curriculum even if you get in but you'll be fine in North Campus.


<p>I don't actually understand what you're judging this based off of?</p>

<p>Mainly off the SAT I math score, and a bit on SAT II. Pretty much all the people I talk to in my upper division maths got 800s on the II and at least 750 on the I. You need to know the basics cold in order to do well in the department, and a 680 on the SAT I indicates that that's not quite the case.</p>

<p>You'll be long as you're interested in the subject and willing to work hard. Of course certain subjects comes easier to some rather than others, but ignore the poster above me about not surviving. In the case you change your mind about math/econ, ucla is also great because you have many different majors to choose from.</p>

<p>I believe i read somewhere that undergraduates applying into the college of letters and science are not affected by their choice of major? is this correct?</p>

<p>The problem is that in math classes tend to rely heavily on prerequisite knowledge, and without that prerequisite knowledge it's very difficult to catch up. Given how easy the SAT Math is, getting as many 5 problems wrong suggests that there may be a basic gap in understanding or there's a case of serial carelessness. </p>

<p>Both issues can massively increase the amount of work needed to understand and do well in courses, and no matter how interested in the subject you are, it's tough to overcome that disadvantage.</p>

<p>It's just something to keep in mind.</p>

I believe i read somewhere that undergraduates applying into the college of letters and science are not affected by their choice of major? is this correct?


<p>Yes, last I saw it wasn't considered.</p>

<p>To be honest I'm not completely certain on what I want to major in. I'm leaning towards economics so I just put Math/Econ. But aside from how hard it is there (which I'm well aware of), I just want to know if i stand a chance for undergrad acceptance.</p>

<p>UCLA and UCB are really the other ones you need to even think about, since your other ones are set. Your chances seem to be only a very slight reach, since you have strong grades and GPA. Your math scores look good too (36 on ACT math). The only thing that might bring you down is not taking something like CALC bc senior year. good luck :)</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry if I were you. You stand a great shot at UCLA :). I'm guessing around a 75-90% chance of getting in.</p>

<p>can i ask a question. i wanna get into ucla but i couldnt decide which major to choose. which is the best in ucla? thank you in advance</p>