Chance a Very Nervous Senior!

<p>I am very nervous, no lie. Everyone I knew is getting accepted left and right, it's making me jumpy everytime I fetch the mail. I only applied to TWO schools, my safety Umass Amherst and dream school Oberlin .Please chance me, just to get my jitters out of the way.
From: Massachusetts
Female, Asian ( Filipino)
Was born in the Philippines and raised there for 10 years, moved to America in 5th grade.
Speak 3 languages; Tagalog, English, and Spanish.
G.P.A: 3.9 W.
Rank: 12/ 137
SAT:1500<--( I really tried, took it 6 times! I really don't know why...)
SAT II: World History-700
Lit- 600
ACT: 26
This years class: A.P Stat, Psych, A.P Lit, A.P Bio, Gym ( a.k.a Study Hall), A.P Spanish, Senior Seminar ( required :P)
Took a total of 7 A.P overall ( Junior: A.P Euro, A.P English, A.P Chem)
Extra Stats:
First Generation on both sides! Mom never finished High School, and my dad was hanging by a thread when he graduated. Both are factory Workers.
Work: Local Stop and Shop as a cashier and a Local Restaurant as a Waitress.
Leader Ship Roles:
V.P Class of 2010-2009-2010
Secretary of Class of 2010-2007-2008
V.P of key Club-2007-2008
President of Key Club-2008-2009
President of Human Rights-2009-2010
Class Cabinet-2006-2007,2008-2009
Chairperson of Aiding Elders Key Club Group:2006-2010
Key Club-4
Human Rights-3
Student council-3
Stage Crew-4
School Council-2
Active participant of Class of 2010-4
Town Affirmative Action Committee-1
Library Volunteer-6
Hospital Volunteer-2
Merit World History
Merit A.P Euro
Representative to pass a bill in State Capital
Speaker in Schools throughout my local area and in Human Rights Conference
Organize many events like...
1.) Diversity Day
2.) Anti-Bullying Session
3.) Diversity Breakfast in Honor of M.L.K
4.) Clothes Drive
5.) Food Shelter
6.) Veteran's Day honor
Assisted in these Events
Special Olympics
Challenge Day
and more...</p>

<p>I didn't apply ED II for Oberlin, because my mother won't let me. Although if she did, I would have applied without second thoughts. So, anyone wanna try and chance me? I'll chance back, promise!</p>

<p>1500 total? I would send your act instead, then. act isn't that bad of a score.</p>

<p>Oberlin kind of seems like a low reach.</p>

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<p>Make sure to only send your ACT if you haven't already sent the sat scores.</p>

<p>A 26 is considerably higher than a 1500.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>Well, I already sent in everything. When I was looking over my packet, I saw the SAT scores inside, and I asked my guidance if I should take it out. She told me it was fine to leave it in, since they'll only look at the better one. So it got send in with the rest of the packet. A bad mistake, now that I think about it. Is there a way I can fix this? or is it doomed? Thanks.</p>

<p>I think they will look at both, but take the ACT into consideration for admission decisions, not the SAT. I would email the office of undergraduate admissions, though, and see if there is anything you could do.</p>

<p>I will, thank you for the advice!</p>