chance a worried junior please!

<p>vandy is my definite top choice, i will be applying ed 1 there in the fall (im a junior right now). however, i am worried my stats arent good enough, and im unhooked (white male jewish kid from north jersey). here are my stats-</p>

<p>3.4 unweighted gpa (school doesnt weight gpa at all, 3.4 is slightly more than a b+ average at my school). frosh year i had a 3.3 and a 3.4, soph i had a 3.4 and a 3.5, junior i had a 3.4 and as of now (knock on wood) have a 4.0 for the semester. reason being was due to a combination of family problems (major deaths and loss of my dad's job) and slight laziness.</p>

frosh-all honors except history (no AP's offered), AIRS </p>

<p>soph-all honors except history (1 AP offered), AIRS (advanced independent research seminar, select group of kids who spend a few hours a week doing intense research)</p>

<p>junior-two honors courses, 2 AP's, one regular (the regular is english, but there is no honors option for english, AP lit is offered but it really isnt my bag as i hate analytical writing), and an independent study for creative writing, AIRS </p>

<p>senior (planning on taking the following)-AP psych, AP stat, AP latin, honors physics, regular english (again, there is no honors english option), no history, senior FOCUS (a very selective program at my school which runs for the full year, first semester you write a 20 pg paper on the subject you are researching and second semes you do field work, planning on FOCUSing on creative writing)</p>

ACT-33 (first time having taken it, not submitting ACT)
SAT-2260 (will probably take one more time jsut for ****s and giggles, but submitting SAT)
SAT breakdown-780 math, 730 CR, 750 writing
AP's-haven't taken yet</p>

founder of ultimate frisbee club in frosh year, co-captain (we play other schools in the spring)
founder of the school's satirical newspaper in frosh year, editor in chief since frosh year
founder of short story magazine at school (planned all this year, starting it next year)
lacrosse, jv frosh year, swing soph year, will be varsity junior and senior years
winter track (jsut started this year)</p>

published author (creative short story published in Asimov's science fiction magazine)
winner of bergen county writing contest (published in the community college's magazine)</p>

<p>summer stuff-
attending iowa writers program this summer, most prestigious writing program in the nation
did community service (have 60 hours) for morrys camp, a summer camp for underprivileged kids
interning at a magazine (dont know which yet, vying for MAD magazine but ill see what i can get)</p>

<p>with these stats, do you think i have a reasonable shot at getting in ED1 to vandy?</p>

<p>I would say its gonna be tough but about 21% of the students had a gpa lower then a 3.5 so its not impossible</p>

<p>Your gpa is a tad low, but not low enough that you shouldn’t apply… You still have the rest of the year AND first quarter grades of senior year… Try to raise your gpa to a 3.5+ and I’d say you have a good chance…</p>

<p>And ED always helps… Good luck! :)</p>