Chance African American M for Georgia Tech, Cornell, Duke

Demographics: African American, East Coast, Middle Class

I’m looking at Georgia Tech, NYU, Cornell. Am I overshooting or undershooting or are these good targets? Keep in mind Computer Science is MAD competitive

Intended Major(s): Computer Science

GPA: 3.5UW, 4.4W (not cool man >:(, but there’s a major upward trend: 2.7 Freshman → 4.0 Junior)

SAT: 1550

APS: 3 APUSH, 5 Lang, 5 Biology, 5 Comp Gov, 5 Comp Sci A


USACO Gold (Top Programming Competition in the US for High School)

AP Scholar With Distinction

National Merit Finalist


Started a website with 40k monthly visitors

Started another website with 4k monthly visitors

Contributed to numerous open-source projects

Varsity Lacrosse (captain)

JV Hockey (captain)

Student Council (vice president)


Senior Year Courseload: AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Stats (Our school offers 9 APS)

Rigor: I’ve been taking the hardest classes offered to me every year

Other stuff: I took a bunch of college courses about Economics, Business, and advanced CompSci courses online (maybe colleges will like that I enjoy learning?)

What should I do to increase my chances???

Does your school offer AP Calculus? I cannot speak to NYU or Cornell, but I know that Georgia Tech likes their incoming freshman to have taken calculus in high school. You have very impressive ECs!

CS really isn’t all that terribly competitive, depending on where you go. It’s a ridiculously employable degree, so it doesn’t matter at all where you go to school at. Tech is vastly diverse, and it’s all based on practical hands-on experience. In fact, after about 3 years of experience, employers don’t even ask where you went to school. I can tell you with 100% certainty, you DON’T need to spend $300,000 on a bachelors from a school like Cornell or NYU. You really can’t go wrong with an affordable state university.