Chance America's Next Top Model

<p>Not quite, but just about. This is a semi-chance thread for a friend of a mine, a rising junior, who is an internationally recognized print and runway model, featured most recently in Elle and Teen Vogue. </p>

<p>Her dream school is Princeton, a school at which she is a legacy. Her question--does she have a chance despite some sub-par test scores (below 2000) and grades (GPA: below 3.8) and many missed days of school due to traveling for modeling? Is her modeling enough?</p>

<p>Many have argued to her that it would be unjust for adcoms to laud her for "winning the genetic lottery"--that is, while others have spent hours training for sports or practicing music, this girl has received numerous accolades based upon the way she looks. Others contend that her fame in certain circles overshadows ethics and academics and paints her to be a strong candidate. </p>


<p>I think we need to know more about her grades/ec's/standardized test scores before we can even try to help. A 1990 is far away from a 1000, and a 3.79 is far away from a 2.8.</p>

<p>Well people miss school for sports all of the time, but they are still responsible for seeing the material they missed and making up tests. But more info is definitely needed. What are her exact scores/GPA/Club, and how good of a model is she? Like is she making cover pages or big features or is she in a small add in Vogue?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.65
SAT: 1710</p>

<p>She's a junior and has only taken the SAT once with some prep, so she says let's assume she can increase that to a 1950.</p>

<p>Her EC's include modeling, horseback riding (though not at the national level), and some general volunteer work. In terms of modeling, she isn't getting the covers of top magazines, but she is actually featured in editorials (i.e. not just in ads, but on pages with stories or blurbs the magazines have written).</p>

<p>GPA weak, does she take hard classes? Modeling takes time and is a good way to make money. Otherwise, it shows nothing special unless your doing something different, such as being your own manager. </p>

<p>Based on those numbers provided, i'd say 5% chance at princeton.. maybe 10 on a good day.</p>

<p>She is not her own manager, but she does have agencies clamoring for her. Her classes are weak in terms of ivy league standards, especially for what her school, a well known, medium sized private, offers.</p>

<p>Ok so shes good at her job. So what? What makes her so valuable to a school that seeks to educate and grow leaders for this world? She clearly doesn't care enough about her current school, so why would she care about Princeton? Or better yet, why would Princeton care about her? my 2cents</p>

<p>Personally I'd say 0.001 % chance to Princeton, but don't let that faze you :)</p>

<p>same to noragon!</p>

<p>I think if she want to be a super model, she should not get in to the top universities
I mean that she should choose between model and those universities
it is really hard to do both since model consume a lot of time and college also need a hard work.
Although she can get in to those uni, she may have to stop her current work.</p>

<p>10% is probably generous when Princeton accepts like 6%. Obviously her stats will hold her back, but if she gets really big in the modeling world (or has connections) maybe she will get in but the ACT/SAT should come up</p>

<p>Not sure if most of the people on this sight can really give you an informed opinion as to how Princeton would treat this particular situation, and how much they would value fame and success in the modeling field.</p>

<p>My own, totally uninformed "gut" opinion, is that they might well accept her, just as Jody Foster went to Yale, or someplace like that (or at least, that is my recollection)</p>

<p>Or look at JFK, Jr., who got into Brown, and he supposedly wasn't of Ivy League level intelligence, although a great guy.</p>

<p>Or George Bush, who went to Yale.</p>

<p>As a friend once told me, the world is a different place, if you are a beautiful blonde !!!!!</p>