Chance an actual average student

<p>Hey, just wondering if anyone with experience with college admissions could
A) Give me so peace of mind
B) Make me want to vomit</p>

<p>I want to major in English, hopefully my good grades in English will outweigh my horrendous ones in math</p>

<p>Applying for fun


<p>Pretty Much Reach

<p>Somewhat Target

Connecticut College</p>

Penn State </p>


<p>GPA - 3.45(UW) Should be up to 3.55 (UW) by midyear, the worst part of my transcript and the subject of a Bucknell essay, I'm a pitiful math student and all but one of the b's on my transcript are from math classes. Besides math I am all honors and I have 5 APs</p>

<p>Rank 104/765 - again will be a bit higher</p>

<p>SATS (Just took again, awaiting October 20th results)
770 CR 650 M 680 W, hoping for at least 700's across the board and I'm confident that I did</p>

750 Lit 630 Math I</p>


<p>AP Scores
Euro 4 Micro 4 Lang 5, taking Lit and US this year</p>

I think they're very good, AP Lang and Lit teachers have looked them over</p>

AP Lang and AP Euro teachers</p>

School Newspaper 10-12 Editor
Quill and Scroll Society 10-12
Local Newspaper 11-12 (Chosen for teen panel)
Varsity Cross Country 9-11
NHS 11-12
FBLA 9-12 Qualified for state competiton
Scholar's Bowl Captain, two-time regional champs
Chess 10-12
Winter Track 9-10</p>

<p>AP Scholar (will be AP Scholar with Distinction)
Honor Roll every semester</p>

<p>100's of hours at local assisted living home and cooking for Aid for Friends
Year round job as bagger at local grocery store 11-12</p>

<p>I interviewed at Colgate and Hamilton and thought they went well.</p>


<p>Grab some are an amazing student. All of those colleges would be lucky to have you.</p>

<p>I'm prettysure that SAT is well, well above average...</p>


<p>^ Same with the ACT. Hell, man. You have a probable chance for everything below Brown.</p>

<p>Lmao at the insecurity on some of these forums caused by the a**holes that brag about everything. I have similar scores to you and it's funny that on this website we have "below average" test scores. FYI a 1420/1600 SAT is mid 90 percentile in the U.S. Good chances</p>