Chance an Aggie for Med School Admissions in Texas

<p>I am an Aggie! Gig em!</p>

<p>I have a 3.9+ gpa at A&M, and a 3.9+ science gpa at A&M.
I am a biology major with a minor in philosophy.
I have done 3 months of research in chemistry. (10 hours a week for 12 weeks)
I have shadowed a dermatologist for 60 hours. (1 summer)
I am very involved in a Christian Youth Group. (All 3 years)
I am in a Pre-Med club on campus.
I am the member of a couple of clubs.
I might do research in dermatology this coming summer when I apply to Medical Schools.</p>

<p>First MCAT: 11/8/10 = 29
Second MCAT: Pending in May (expect 32+)</p>

<p>What are my chances at UTSW/A&M/Texas Tech/UT-Houston/UTMB/UTSA/Texas Tech-El Paso/Baylor?</p>

<p>I don't want to go to UNT.</p>

<p>They will see both scores, the 29 does not go away and it is NOT super scored.</p>

<p>You’re going to need more than a second attempt score of 32 for UTSW and Baylor, where without a hook the first attempt MCAT needs to be in the 35-37 plus range. The low scores you see reflected in their profile are URM admits.</p>

<p>Assuming a 32 plus second score, you will be an average to good candidate at UTMB and UTSA, in line with most candidates at A&M and Tech and below average to average at UT-H</p>

<p>Your ECs are very light for both Baylor and UTSW. The pre med club will mean little and unless your youth group has you volunteering umpteen hours a month at a hospital/nursing home etc it’s not going to add much either. The competition for admission to these two schools is keen and even more intense if admitted to them.</p>

<p>I scored a 35 on my retake! 12/11/12, what are my chances now for ut Houston, Baylor, and utsw, Utmb, ut-sa?</p>

<p>Sorry to revive an old thread but I completely forgot about this thread, I submitted my tmdsas app on June 22nd and it hasn’t been transmitted to schools yet, it will be in the next coming days</p>

<p>Good shot at all the texas schools. good luck</p>

<p>Congrats. With Texas residency you will be going to medical school. As to Baylor , SW, or even quirky Houston…not so sure. But the takeaway point is that you have the numbers to go to med school. Good job on the re-take.</p>

<p>Don’t delay. Get that app transmitted and get complete as fast as you can.</p>

<p>great job! nice to see hard work pay off</p>

<p>Just curious but why are you unsure of ut Houston? Is it because I am light on the ec’s? I know ut Houston’s average is a 31/3.7? I’d be fine with Utmb as well because it is close to home…</p>

<p>Houston is known to be quirky and sometimes incomprehensible. SA and UTMB not so much. Houston is known for asking “Why did you apply out of state?” Show Houston the love.</p>

<p>I can see that. They wouldnt even let me change my interview date</p>

<p>Yup. They want to be your Numero Uno. </p>

<p>Sometimes kids who appear competitive for Baylor or UT-SW get a cool shoulder (didn’t say cold, that’s a bit far, but “cool”) from Houston. </p>

<p>It appears to be a very “personal” process at Houston. Their admissions office likes to do things their own way. They use the pre-match quite differently than the other Texas schools. They (historically) fill less seats during pre-match, and they offer fewer pre-matches. They really want kids who want them. So, again. If that’s where you want to be, convince them.</p>

<p>Unlike undergrad admission, having stats outside the mean (especially significantly above) can result in not even being invited to interview. This is definitely the case at A&M and texas Tech.</p>

<p>When my S interviewed at UT-H they came right out and asked if he would seriously consider attending because his stats were above what they normally see or enroll. They were not going to recommend him for admission if they thought he saw them as a “safety.”</p>

<p>O.K… Maybe “cold” was the right word. lol</p>