Chance an aspiring HYPSter?

<p>Even though most of these schools are crap shoots, I just want to know what the weak points in my app are.</p>

<p>Intended major: Political science and/or African American Studies</p>

Harvard (EA)
UC Berkeley </p>

<p>AA Male in CA...</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.98
W GPA: 4.55
Rank: 3/489</p>

<p>SAT: 800 CR, 760 M, 800 W (this is the superscore….my highest single sitting is a 2290)</p>

<p>SATII: 760 Spanish, 740 Math II, 710 Literature (yeah, I know they’re low…should I retake?)</p>

<p>APs: HGAP (5), European History (5), WHAP (5), Environmental Science (5), Calculus AB (5), APUSH (5), English Lang (5), Spanish Lang (5), Comp Sci (5)</p>

<p>This year I’m taking all AP’s (Art History, US Govt/Comp Govt, Macro/Micro Econ, English Lang, Stats, Physics C, Psych, and Spanish Lit)</p>

-NAACP Youth Chapter, President (4 years)- my biggest commitment- I organize SAT tutoring sessions, college tours, and fundraisers to help disadvantaged youth to get into college and break the cycle of poverty, and every year we hold a local Image Awards Ceremony to honor students in the region who have overcome obstacles to excel in academics, arts, and/or athletics
-Congressman’s Council- I meet with my local congressman every month as part of a select group of students who are supposed to be the liaisons between the government and my generation. We organize mock elections to get teens involved in politics, and we do a LOT of service projects as well.
-Forensics Team, 4 years (VP last year, President this year), I’m in charge of editing pieces, updating the roster, and assisting the novice debaters. I use my free period to personally coach the novices.
-Church Youth Group- part of an administrative team that organizes Youth Nights, contacts guest ministers to speak at special programs
-Choir- I do sing with my church choir, but I’m also part of two traveling choirs. Both are national caliber and required auditions and a music proficiency test
-DECA- no leadership, but I placed 3rd at nationals in my event….</p>

-Nothing major….National Merit/National Achievement semis, Nat’l AP Scholar (as a junior).
-Community service awards! Most of them are regional, but I did get one national award this summer
-Lots of regional speech awards, two awards from NFL nationals
-First Place at Regional History Fair</p>

<p>Community Service:
-Habitat for Humanity for three years…I basically build houses for people
-Other than that most of my service is done through the NAACP </p>

<p>Work/Summer Activities:
-Interned at a law firm this past summer
-lots of traveling with my choirs
-hanging out and reading politics/economics/history books :)</p>

-My English teacher said my supplemental essay for Harvard was “insightful and thought-provoking….” My common app essay is decent, I think. Everyone has liked it so far, but my supp is definitely stronger (which is why I’ll probably retrofit it for other supplements.)
-Recs should be strong- they came from teachers who I know really well
-I'm middle-class, first generation to go to school in America (but both my parents have doctorates from foreign schools)</p>

<p>Also, can anyone suggest some safeties?</p>

<p>Wouldn't be surprised if you got a likely letter to any one of these schools...</p>

<p>African American Male w/ good academics + ECs = in everywhere. Congratulations man.</p>

<p>^ Actually, OP is African-American (NAACP, National Achievement, etc)...</p>

<p>You have a good shot at every school on your list, but nothing is ever a guarantee. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks! Again, can someone also suggest safeties?</p>

<p>i maybe an ammateur person in suggesting things like this! but am sure thats pretty good to be refused as on a application?! and also i dunno, but John Hopkins a great univ for a safety! :)</p>

<p>First of all, your APs are excellent. You should keep it up with the remaining subjects that you're planning to take. Your GPA and rank is very good, and SAT is good too. You also have an advantage being African American. Your ECs are outstanding. I think you have a really good chance of getting in the Ivies, but there's really no guarantee for them.</p>

<p>Thanks, everyone! I just finished submitting most of my RD apps (yeah, kind of early, I know). Now I just have to wait...</p>

<p>In at HYPS.</p>

<p>I usually subscribe to the philosophy that you need > ~3 national honors to be highly competitive for HYPS. I see like 3 national honors, but frankly as an AA with near perfect stats, I can't imagine rejection from many schools.</p>

<p>It's almost impossible to get into all of HYPS (I've known like 3 people ever to do so), but you're the kind of applicant who will get into at least one of those incredible schools. A likely letter to those is also very possible.</p>

<p>u win.</p>

<p>U could try villanova, drexel, and miami for safties</p>