Chance an athlete? ED advantage?

<p>I’m fairly sure I’m applying ED to another school; this is just out of curiosity, as I don’t think I have a shot. Chances ED and RD? Is there an advantage with ED?</p>

<p>I’ve been recruited for track, but very lightly. Basically, I contacted the coach, and he told that I am able to run at Amherst if accepted. He told me that any influence he has in admissions would be limited. However, he has offered to set up an overnight visit (which might help in admissions, if I’m able to make the trip?).</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.55uw
-SAT: M 720, CR 700, W 800, Total: 2220
-PSAT: National Merit Semifinalist
-Subject tests: Lit-660, USH-720
-Taking as many AP’s and honors as my school will allow me to take (11 honors, 6 AP)
-AP Lang: 5
Senior course load:
Physics honors
Spanish 4 honors
AP Macroeconomics
AP Microeconomics
Theology 4
Focus Research honors
AP English literature
AP English literature writing lab
Pre-calculus honors
AP Government</p>

<p>-School does not rank, but I looked at our school profile for last year’s graduating class which gives weighted and unweighted quartile divisions by GPA (upon graduation), and if I were in last year’s class, I would barely be in the weighted GPA first quartile right now (unweighted would be just below the first quartile). I don’t know if they will look at the school profile or not. This is the thing I’m most worried about.</p>

<p>-White male from Arizona, family makes <60k
-Fairly prestigious college preparatory
-School does not rank, but I’m in the ‘Summa Cum Laude’ program- the most regarded, most competitive diploma, which is typically a good indicator of being near the top (Usually around 30 out of ~230 graduate Summa)
-Prospective major is neuroscience/psychology</p>

<p>-Founder and president of Philosophy Club
-Vice president of Politics Club
-Diversity/International Club board member; went with the club on a three-day ‘cultural exchange’ trip to our sister school in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
-“Friends of the Orphans” Club Vice President; went on an 8-day volunteer trip to an orphanage in Mexico in March; went back for another 8 days in July
-Over 100 hours community service</p>

<p>-3 years varsity track for school
-Scholar-Athlete Award
-Club track during the summer and off season (Track Athlete Year Round)
-Qualified for and placed 27th overall in the USATF Junior Olympics National Championship for 110m hurdles (basically nationals for club track) (regionals came before this)
-Very, very good recommendations (from what I can gather)
-Past employment as a lifeguard
-Currently employed in a bookstore</p>

<p>-Perhaps I should mention my thought for why my GPA is relatively low; my freshman and sophomore year, I didn’t have the accommodations plan I have now–(extra time on certain tests and quizzes when I need it because of personal reasons)–I was given the accommodation plan at the start of my junior year, and my grades skyrocketed. I’m not sure if I should mention this somewhere in my application or not.</p>

<p>-My progression is something like this:
freshman: 3.43uw, 3.6w
sophomore: 3.43uw, 3.6w
junior: 3.75uw, 4.3w
senior year first quarter: 3.75uw, 4.3w</p>

<p>I sent you a PM.</p>