Chance an average senior for reach LACs?

<p>Hi there! Thanks for taking a look at this thread! :) As the thread title implies, I'm a very, very average senior (according to CC standards), and I'm fretting over my chances of being admitted into a couple of LACs. I would highly appreciate any feedback, even if it's harsh or blunt. I have big dreams, but I just want to discover how realistic they are. So thank you so much if you take the time to respond!</p>

<p>Before I list my stats, I have somewhat of a hook. I live in a single parent household (my father passed away from cancer when I was in elementary school), and my mom was diagnosed with cancer herself my junior year. I talk about both of these experiences in my essays (PM me if you'd be willing to read them and give feedback, I'd greatly appreciate that as well). I've mainly focused on the latter because I was able to persevere and attain the best grades of my high school year while she was sick. School essentially my escape from the reality of her cancer, and because of the hope and security I found in school, I've discovered that I would absolutely love to be a high school teacher.</p>

<p>My intended major is English with a minor in Geology, or I might double major in English and Geology. </p>

<p>Aaand here are my sub-par stats:</p>

<p>Freshman Year Grades (core classes):
PIB Gov/PIB Geo: C/C
PIB Chem Phys/Physical Science: D/B
Algebra 1/Algebra 1: C/D* retook in summer school, got an A
PIB French 3/PIB French 3: C/C</p>

<p>Sophomore Year Grades (core classes):
PIB US History/PIB US History: B/A
PIB Biology/PIB Biology: C/B
Geometry/Geometry: B/A

<p>Junior Year Grades (core classes):
IB World History: B/B
Algebra 2/Algebra 2: A/A
Chemistry/Chemistry: A/A
IB LA/IB LA: A/A</p>

<p>Senior Year Grades (predicted 1st semester, core classes):
IB Biology: B
Physics: A
Pre-calc: A</p>

<p>Overall GPA: 3.22 UW, 3.7 W</p>

<p>ACT Score: 35 Eng/32 Reading/28 Science/24 Math/8 Writing - Composite: 30</p>

-Women's rugby: named to Division 2 All-State team
-JV Women's Soccer - Junior Year - Co-captain and Offensive Player of the Year
-Club Soccer - Freshman and Junior Year
-C/JV District Women's Lacrosse - Freshman and Sophomore Year - Captain of C-team
-Link Crew - Senior Year - Help freshmen transition into high school
-Diversity Panel - Sophomore, Junior, Senior - present about overcoming adversity to freshmen and school faculty, received two awards for school climate
-Literary magazine - Senior Year - help student's works get published in our literary magazine
-Reading tutor - Senior Year - help elementary school kids become more proficient in reading
-Choir - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior - sung in the school's choir department for 3 years</p>

<p>Personal Info:
Gender: Female
Race: White
Location: Rocky Mountains USA
Income Bracket: Low
High School: Extremely competitive, sends 12+ kids to Ivys each year
Class Rank: N/A, probably top 50%</p>

<p>Prospective Schools:
Oberlin - Visited and absolutely fell in love with the campus. Had an interview. Would apply ED but I need to consider other schools for financial aid reasons. Teacher that knows me extremely well is an alumni, and I am positive he will write an amazing letter of rec.
Allegheny - Visited and liked, sent a priority app.
Kenyon - Haven't visited.
St. Lawrence - Haven't visited.
Western Washington University - visited.
Colorado State University - visited, mother and brother alumni.
SUNY Oswego - visited.</p>

<p>Basically, my questions are, especially for the LACs, how favorably will they look at my grade trends? Are Oberlin and Kenyon huge reaches? I honestly wish I could come up with an excuse for my terrible grades freshman year, but there were no bad circumstances other than hanging out with the wrong crowd.</p>

<p>Thanks once again for your time!</p>

<p>Bump! :) Any advice or insight? I can try chancing back to the best of my ability.</p>

<p>Bump again. :)</p>

<p>Bleh, I hate being the annoying person who bumps constantly, but I'd really appreciate any feedback, whether harsh or reassuring. :)</p>

<p>Um duh you're going to get in.</p>

<p>Any other feedback? I'd appreciate anything. Thanks. :)</p>

<p>I've decided that this will be my last post on College Confidential, and I'm posting to reassure others that success is still possible even without incredible academics.</p>

<p>I was accepted to Oberlin ED II. Words can't really describe how grateful and lucky I feel to be given the opportunity to be a part of their community. I honestly wasn't even prepared to apply to Oberlin because I thought I was sure to be rejected. I kept comparing my stats with others on CC and found myself to be a subpar applicant. However, through the encouragment of friends, I applied. Today, I'm a part of the class of 2016. It's amazing and surreal, and I am so happy that somewhere within me I gathered up the courage to face the possibility of rejection.</p>

<p>If you're hesitant about applying to a school that you think you'd love, but are worried about being rejected, apply anyway. If people have told you that you won't get in, apply anyway. If you think your stats are terrible for the school, apply anyway.</p>

<p>I really want my story to encourage others to apply to their dream schools, and not to view yourself as a number or multiple statistics. More than anything, you are a person, and I truly do believe that colleges are looking for the people who are genuine and that make themselves more than numbers.</p>

<p>Good luck guys, and thanks for the advice/encouragement I've received on CC!</p>

<p>Oh my god. This is so inspirational. You are such an inspiration. Please go to Brazil now ASAP.</p>

<p>I'm very happy for you soccersing, and I hope others take your words of encouragement to heart. The very best of luck to you.</p>

<p>YAY soccersing! Welcome!
(sidenote: come play rugby with us!! The Rhinos are the best team in the world.)</p>