Chance an impatient applicant?

<p>Hey guys, this isn't going to be a very comprehensive profile of my application since typing up my ECs would be a lengthy ordeal. I mainly wanted to know if I have a decent chance with my academic statistics. Let's just assume that my ECs and essays are above average (I don't want to sound cocky, but I believe that they are)</p>



<p>Gender: Male
Race: White
School: Public
Location: Eastern Pennsylvania
Parents: Divorced
Income: Mom's is 24K/year (custodial) and dad's is 115K/year (noncustodial)</p>


<p>Total GPA: 3.63 UW
Freshman GPA: ~3.5
Sophomore GPA: ~3.2
Junior GPA: 4.0
Senior GPA: 4.0</p>

<p>Class Rank</p>

<p>Rank: 33/424
Percentile: Top 8%</p>

<p>Course Rigor</p>

<p>I took eight out of the fourteen APs offered at my school.</p>

<p>Junior Year APs: US History (5), Englisg Lang. (5), Psychology (4)
Senior Year APs: US Government, Microeconomics, European History, Literature, Statistics</p>


<p>SAT super-scored: R - 690, M - 790, W - 740 (2220/2400)
Highest single sitting: R- 690, M -680, W - 740 (2110/2400)</p>

<p>SAT IIs: Literature - 660, Math II - 740, US History - 720</p>


<p>Thank you for your time! :)</p>

<p>Me r</p>

<p>Based on the math alone, you are well within the average.
Better question though: How are you going to pay? Financial Aid at JHU is not overly generous. Hope you get in, hope you get the Hodson.</p>

<p>Ah, that's not very good news. :( I'm fairly poor.</p>

<p>Samonuh, make sure you signed up for CSS Profile! and FAFSA! :)
Could you describe your extracurriculars?
You've got the brains, but so does everyone applying to Hopkins! What makes you stick out like a better candidate?
But solely looking at grades I'd say your chances are great!</p>


<p>Financial aid varies, and Hopkins does try to meet the need of all students (usually meets 100% of determined need). In addition to the Hodson and Westgate scholarships there are the Bloomberg scholarships and Hodson-Gilliam scholarships (for under-represented groups) and Hopkins grants. I know several students on full or near full aid here (but again financial aid varies considerably and I know several students taking out a fair share of loans), so Hopkins does do its best to provide for students of all income levels.</p>