Chance an Indian student with lower than average SAT's. Please. Thanks :)

<p>Hey! I'm a current senior student from India and want to apply to the states for Psychology.</p>

9th grade: 87%
10th grade: 91%
11th grade: 70.4% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and English all AP level)
12th grade: First term: 84% (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and English all AP level)</p>

<p>SAT 1: 1920 (CR- 630 W-580 M-710)
SAT 2: will give in October (Biology, Physics and Math II/Chem)</p>

Selected to represent India at a international conference in singapore (80 kids around the world)
Been a member of the music society for 7 years
Play the guitar for over 3 years
Currently writing a book on teenage social pressure
Doing some research work on the gender diversity in India and asia.
Editing the Chem and Bio Magazine
Been a part of the student congress for 2 years</p>

<p>Social work:
Teaching slum children Math, english, science
Teaching underpriviledged children at an NGO
Also weekly food production and delivery to street children</p>

<p>Some debates, article writings as well.</p>

<p>I'll need nearly FULL AID, btw</p>

Dartmouth (I REALLY REALLY want to go here)
Providence College
Uminn, twin cities
UT Dallas
Illinois, Urbana

<p>Thanks so much.</p>

<p>I lot of these schools are out of reach considering your low gpa's and test scores. I think you would need to substanially raise your scores to even be considered a serious candidate for williams, georgetown, middlebury, colgate, and hamilton. I think any of the ivies are out of the question considering your stats</p>

<p>I know. Ivy's are totally out of my league right now.
What about UC's?
But they dont give aid do they?
And Wooster? Providence and Fordham?
I thought they should be a match, or atleast a low reach.</p>

<p>i think you could defintely get into providence and you stand a good chance at fordham too. i don't really know anything about wooster</p>

<p>You have a VERY challenging course load and KILLER SAT's. Considering your need for full-aid as an intl student, Dartmouth is your best bet. They will be the only school on the list that will meet 100% of your aid as an intl student and will disregard your intl student status when looking at your application. Applying ED will put you just within reach and give you a pretty decent chance, especially if you do well on the SAT 2's and write good essays! Don't let anyone tell you that you don't have a chance for Dart!</p>

<p>dartmouth would accept an international student with a very rigorous courseload, as well as high stats, ec's, and essays. I think there are just more qualified candidates out there, i mean everyone applying to dartmouth is just as or more competitive and impressive</p>

<p>Your stats are great, i just dont think they're good enough for the ivies</p>

<p>rotflmaospencer: Thanks a bunch, man! But honestly, even though the course load is extremely heavy, my SAT's are way below the average SAT scores for Dartmouth. I'll give a retake in November. I will apply ED there even if it is only to get a rejection. November will be my last chance. I do hope to get a 700+ on Chem/Math II and a 750+ in Bio and Physics. (which I'll give in October) I'm still rooting for Providence, Fordham and Wooster. I hope I get in in these place atleast. A friend of mine got full aid at Providence, so I'm counting on my luck.</p>

<p>georgie33: I totally agree with you. My stats are way below par for Ivies. But I'm still counting on Providence, Fordham and Wooster. Maybe even Hamilton ^_^
Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Bump, bump! Anyone else, please?</p>

<p>Dartmouth: No chance without 2150+ (even in ED)
Princeton: Monumental reach
Williams: Reach
Middlebury: Reach
Providence College: Match
Wooster: Match
Fordham: Safety
Colgate: Low Reach
Michigan: Reach (if you need aid), Match (if you can afford it)
Hamilton: Low Reach
Georgetown: High Reach (same chances as Dartmouth, especially if its SFS)
Uminn, twin cities: Safety
Purdue: Safety
Indiana: Safety
UT Dallas: Safety
Illinois, Urbana: Safety
Oregon: Safety</p>

<p>Try to retake the SAT. I think that works. Otherwise your chance is very low, because many of these universities are considering your SAT scores. On the other hand, your ECs look great. I believe you've a great chance ofr Michigan and Georgetown.</p>

<p>chance me back:</p>

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<p>Okay. I get that.
I will take the SAT's again in November. Last chance.
Anyone else?
Bump. Bump.</p>

<p>im sorry but almost no chance to about 85% of those schools. oregon, indiana, purdue, minnesota could be a little safer choices</p>

<p>I really don think that there is anything you can do that would make you a competitive applicant to Dartmouth. A 70% average junior year looks VERY bad to an ivy league school and should be enough to get you rejected. Your SATs are way too low. Anything even in the 600's could hurt you significantly not to mention a 580. Plus, you're Indian which is a disadvantage. If you were to get into Dartmouth with your current stats, a would consider it nothing short of a miracle.</p>

<p>Your ECs are fantastic, but your grades are not even close to Ivy levels. Most future-Ivy students are taking all of those APs and still manage to get As. Retake your SATs (which you've already decided on) and try to score in the 2000-2200s. You'll have a very slight reach at U of M (lots of kids at my school go to U of M, I know the dealio there). But the international crowd applying in America is super competitive, from what I've heard, so prepare to get some rejections :/</p>

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<p>@ seniorxcbro: Even Providence, Fordham, Wooster? Really?</p>