Chance an International for Elite Schools and UCs - Will Chance Back!

Alright, so now that we’re past the deadlines for most schools, I thought I’d make a final chance me thread on all the schools I’ve applied to.

I’m applying an International Student from Bahrain. I’m an Iranian and German citizen. Not applying for FA.

Schools I’ve applied to (a lot of reaches, but I had enough time to craft my essays): Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Vanderbilt, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, UMich, UCSD, UCSB.


SAT I: 2180 (690 M, 760 W and 730 R) (One sitting)
SAT II: Taking Literature and Math I in January. Expect around 700 in each one.

IB: Predicted 43/45 Total (Economics HL 7, History HL 7, English HL 6, Biology SL 7, Maths Studies 7, Arabic Ab Initio 6)


TOEFL: 118/120


300+ Hours of Community Service (Including self organized trip to India for 3 weeks during summer to volunteer at an autism center, and further volunteering in Chaing Mai, Thailand)

Leader of the Community Service Team at School; organize fundraising initiatives for local charities throughout the year.

Vice-leader/president of School Economics Society.

Member of school soccer team (able to play intercollegiate soccer)

Team leader in Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards (for those of you who know what that is)

Won overall first place at the Japan Karate Association Tournament in Bahrain, 2011.

Member of MUN Organizing Committee (Head of Communications).

  • Some other small stuff.


Common App:

Wrote about the gym - how I used to be severely overweight and managed to turn my life around by working out. Started writing the essay towards the end of September, finished in mid December. A lot of thoughts and emotions went into it, and I think it turned out quite well. 8/10

Other essays:

I personally thought my supplements were quite good - spent a lot of time on each one. Made my passion for community service very clear in all of my apps.

I expect my recommendations are quite good. Got one from my English teacher, one from my History teacher and one from the deputy head teacher/principal. All know me quite well and have good relationships with me. My Dartmouth peer rec was written by a current Brown student who I have a close friendship with.

I speak Farsi, Arabic, English and German. I also received an A in French GCSE in 10th grade, however, I don’t consider myself fluent in the language.

Planning on doing as many interviews as I can.


Hey I’m an international too, applying to a few common universities.
Ok so here goes:
Your IB Grades:Spectacular( Other than the fact that you took Math MS :stuck_out_tongue: )
SAT: Not great but passable for some elite schools
EC’s: love the focus on community service. You seem to come across as a likable (not an arrogant) person in general. Other EC’s are also great in terms of leadership and variety
Stanford: Rejected
Princeton: Rejected
Dartmouth: Waitlisted/Accepted
Duke: Waitlisted
UCs: Accepted
UMich, USC: Accepted

Of course my opinions probably don’t matter much. You may still get into Harvard/Stanford/Princeton but a glance at your resume does not convince me about it.

Being an international myself, I understand the immense pressure/competition/burden that you’re under. Other international applicants will be equally or more competitive but don’t lose hope!
All the best!

Chance me:

@ivyaspirant14‌ Thanks for chancing me.

I’m not really under “immense pressure/competition/burden” to be honest. My parents are quite chilled out with the whole process. I’m really only applying to these institutions because I think they’ll give me the best chance to develop intellectually and personally. I’m not too bothered about “prestige” or whatever, so no pressure on that front.

Sure, ill chance you back now :slight_smile:



Stanford: Reach
Harvard: Reach
Princeton: Reach
Dartmouth: Deferred/waitlisted
Duke: Match
Vanderbilt: Match
Berkeley: Deferred/waitlisted
USC: Safety
UMich: Match
UCSD: Match
UCSB: Match

I think your international background and IB score makes you a very strong candidate. :slight_smile:

Chance me back, please?

Stanford: Reach
Harvard: Reach
Princeton: Reach
Dartmouth: Reach
Duke: Reach
Vanderbilt: Low Reach
Berkeley: Low Reach/High Match
UCLA: High Match
USC: High Match
UMich: High Match
UCSD: Low Match
UCSB: Low Match

Chance back :

@CM1016 @TrElite‌ Thanks for chancing me. How much will the fact that I am one of the only people in the Middle East applying to Vanderbilt/Duke/Dartmouth affect my chances? I’m certainly the only person in Bahrain applying to Vandy. Everyone over here applies to the typical Stanfords and Berkeleys and Princetons, but very few consider schools in the south.


Even the smallest college ranked in the 80s will get several applications from the Middle East. Even though, among the people you know, you’re the only one applying to Vanderbilt, they’ll get at least a dozen if not more from Bahrain alone.
You’re very competitive for all the schools you applied to, but that means you have 1 in 20 instead of 1 in 30 or 1 in 40, up to perhaps 1 in 10 () at places that are need-aware since you’re qualified and full pay (typically, being full pay at a need aware university means your odds are the same as domestic applicants, provided you’re qualified - which you are).
Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke
, Vanderbilt, USC = reach
Berkeley, UCLA, UMich= relative matches, 1 in 2 or a bit more
UCSD = definitely 1 in 2 or 2 in 3
UCSB = safety

I’m from the Middle East, and 2 people from my class alone 3 applied to Vanderbilt, 3 to Duke, and 4 to Dartmouth. This is only what I know of, the numbers may be higher. Don’t assume you’re the only one applying from the Middle East, there are probably 50 or so. Let’s not even talk about those who have dual nationalities. You’d probably get an edge if you were Palestinian or Syrian, but Bahrain not that much

@MYOS1634‌ thanks for your post, really helpful.

@TrElite‌ I don’t have a Bahraini citizenship, I’m only a resident. I’m applying with a dual Iranian/German citizenship. Not saying it will boost my chances, but I know for sure that very few people who hold Iranian passports apply directly for undergrad to top US colleges (internationally, that is).

I think that your stats are decent.
Stanford: reach
Harvard: reach
Duke: reach
Vanderbilt: reach
Princeton: reach
Dartmouth: low reach
USC: low reach
UCs: low reach/match
UMich: match
Good luck! Chance back? :slight_smile:

Stanford: High Reach
Harvard:High Reach
Princeton: Low Reach
Dartmouth: High Reach
Duke: Match
Vanderbilt: Low Match
Berkeley: High Match
UCLA: Low Match
USC: Low Match
UMich: Match
UCSD: Low Match
UCSB: Low Match

Please chance me back

@satmurthy hahaha since when is Princeton easier to get into than Dartmouth? And why is Vanderbilt a low match lmao