Chance an international rising senior (CompSci)

I am a rising senior from Turkey and I will be applying to Stanford as a restrictive early action or regular decision applicant.</p>

<p>Even though my GPA and SAT score are not prominent, my ECs are far from weak. What is my chance of getting acceptance?</p>


One of the best schools in Turkey and I am in IB Science-Math specialization
GPA = 70/100 (Please note that it is a over-mediocre grade in my country and it will be stated in my transcript)</p>

<p>SAT reasoning scores:
Take 1: CR:550 M:710 W:500 Total: 1760
Take 2: CR:570 M:670 W:570 Total: 1810
Combined: 1850</p>

<p>TOEFL scores:
Take 1: 95/120
Take 2: 108/120</p>

I am the co-founder of Turkey’s one of the best known and prestigious gaming providers, which is involved in setting up and selling servers, organizing online and offline events, and developing gaming solutions such as anti-cheating software and unsupervised gaming systems.</p>

<p>I was also the co-founder of two other organizations which used to be the best in their field (online and offline gaming).</p>

An International Design Olympiad, Finalist 2010
A prestigious national competition, Regional finalist 2010
Another prestigious national competition, Winner (Gold Metal) 2009
Another prestigious national competition, Winner (Special prize -equivalent to coming third) 2010
Another prestigious national competition, Finalist 2010
Another prestigious national competition, Finalist 2010
Two or three is going to add here and I applied to get a patent in the field of computer science and waiting for its result.</p>

<p>I had over 15 awards before starting to high school</p>


<p>Blink!, Developer 2010</p>

<p>An online gaming and messaging application, which enables its users to communicate and collaborate to organize events while using a simple and self-explanatory interface. Blink! System consists of a client side application, which the user interacts with, and its server-side application which controls all the on-going transmission. Blink! Infrastructure is provided by Bilgeoyuncu and it is integrated with OMYS, GameSec and Interactive Online Gaming Solution.</p>

<p>Armarium Infragilis, Head Developer 2010</p>

<p>Advanced encryption/protection software which is hiding any specified data into any file while keeping the carrier file functioning correctly as though nothing has been changed on it. I’ve applied to get a patent for the method that my software is using and currently my method is pending for a patent.

GameSec, Head Developer 2009</p>

<p>The only online anti-cheating solution/software which is actively being used by Turkish gamers during online tournaments. GameSec’s two-sided reporting, memory signature recognition and partial screenshot systems prevent gamers from cheating or bypassing the application while still playing.</p>

<p>OMYS, Developer 2010</p>

<p>An unsupervised gaming solution, enabling gamers to organize matches without having to need a referee. OMYS has the ability to work integrated with GameSec and Interactive Gaming Solution. As soon as the match ends; scores, statistics, demos and screenshots are automatically published on’s Interactive Gaming Solution panel.</p>

<p>Interactive Online Gaming Solution, Developer 2009</p>

<p>A system which is enabling its users; to access all the history, statistics, screenshots of other gamers, to communicate with each other and if the user is a server administrative, to control his/her server completely.</p>

Advanced knowledge of C#, Java, Delphi and C/C++
Reverse engineering experience, Win32Asm programming knowledge
Web programming experience in PHP
Database administration knowledge in MySQL and MSSQL
Experience in Windows and unix-based operating systems, and extensive knowledge of the inner workings of an operating system
Broad knowledge and experience on computer hardware</p>

<p>Truthfully, I think you'll get in. I'm in the same situation as you currently (not the best grades) but, I run a company.</p>

<p>I wish you luck!</p>

<p>I hope so. It's a really competitive and selective school and logically, they should pay a lot of attention to ECs.</p>

<p>Good luck to you, too.</p>

<p>I wish you both luck as well. Although I don't do the "chances" thing because I think it's pretty pointless and can be misleading, I think you should realize that those scores and grades are very low for Stanford and its peers and may present a problem. (It could be that the admissions committee will take into account that English isn't your first language when assessing your SATs, but that probably doesn't apply to your grades, even if they are "over-mediocre".) Having interesting ECs, such as running a business, is always good, but I wouldn't count on that offsetting weak GPA and test scores. (The applicants who make it into top colleges despite weak grades and scores are typically students who faced serious hardships of some kind.) I'm not trying to discourage you from applying, but just giving some perspective.</p>

<p>I appreciate your effort to not to mislead me. I am aware that my chances are not high but the only way to guarantee not getting acception from Stanford is not applying.</p>

<p>^Absolutely. Just putting some facts out there so you go into the process with eyes wide open. Best of luck. : )</p>