Chance an International Student for RD!

<p>Ok so this is my first post here on CC

<p>SAT I (breakdown) : 2100 (740M, 720CR, 640W)
ACT: --
SAT II: 700 Chemistry, 770 Math II, 770 Physics
GPA: School doesn't do GPA
Rank: 1/270(higher secondary school) and 1/51 (lower secondary school)
AP/ IB: Nada<br>
Senior Year Course Load:
A Level: Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (most rigorous in my higher secondary school)
O Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Economics, English, Sinhala (again most rigorous in my lower secondary school)
Academics Awards/ Honors: National Award by Examination Board for Outstanding O Level results, Had my tuition waived at high school for ranking first amongst all students.</p>


1. Enrolled at private art school since 2004 and took art courses in many art media.
2. Participated in more than 100 art competitions and won national honors as well as international art awards from India, Bangladesh, China, Iran and Egypt.
3. President of Lower Secondary School Art Club; organized art interschool competitions as well as art exhibitions in school; taught junior school children art.
4. Will submit an art supplement</p>

1. President of Lower Secondary School Science Club: I co-founded the club and organized school science fairs and interschool science quiz contests etc etc
2. Participated in national astro-olympiad in 2009 and 2010 and reached Top 10 and Top 5 position respectively.
3. I traveled to India this August to participate in an international biotech conference (fully sponsored by my current school) and won an award for my project on Medical Physics.
4. I am the editor of my current school Science Newsletter.
5. I teach Physics to junior students in my current school).
6. I was selected in a Summer Enrichment program on Modern Physics organized by a local state university.</p>

<p>Volunteer/Community service: Organized monthly blood camp at my current school to donate blood as well as adult literacy camp, collecting medicines for Tamil war refugees, charity fund raisers etc.</p>

Common App EC: My editor (radronOmega...a senior friend recommended him to me) said it’s a good essay
Common App Main: My editor really liked this essay; he said it’s a very interesting and refreshing story.
Why UChicago: Nothing extraordinary but the editor said it’s great content-wise.
Optional Essay: Editor said it’s an okay essay and speaks well about my interests and passions.
Extended Essay: Non Scientific Method: I have prepared a rough draft, yet to get feedback so don’t really know how this is going to shape up.</p>

<p>Teacher Recommendation: Didn't get to see, but my teachers and I had a great relationship and both thought highly of me.
Counselor Rec: Talks a lot about my achievements and accomplishments, the other is a bit generic
Additional Rec: None.
Interview: None.</p>

Applied for Financial Aid: Will do, approximate EFC is around 12,000 -14,000 USD (I know it’s going to kill me)
Intended Major: Physics, Astrophysics, Visual Arts
State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant): Sri Lanka
School Type: Private
Ethnicity: Sinhalese
Gender: Male
Hooks: I have seen many people using parent’s illnesses as a platform in their college applications….my mom currently completed chemotherapy for her lung tumor and is no in bed rest…doctors said she is hopefully going to be okay soon. Should I write an essay about this? Honestly speaking I really like my common app essay which speaks well about my passions ….</p>

<p>Additional Comments:
1.I do some random stuff like debate, cricket team, chess etc. Should I even mention them?
2.I ended up writing mostly about my love for painting in physics in most of the essays, should I try to diversify?
3.My SATs are in range for Chicago (1460/1600) ….should I attempt a retake?
4.Should I attach an additional activity list with my common app to explain all the ECs?</p>

<p>Sorry for the long post but do you think I am in target for UChicago?
Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Your SAT is fine. UChicago does not look at the writing component. It is exceptionally hard to chance international students because they normally have a significantly lower acceptance rate than domestic students (about half the acceptance rate). Applying for financial aid will hurt your chances. However, I do know a couple of international students who receive financial aid and merit scholarships, so it certainly can be done. Nonetheless, keep in mind that UChicago is now a reach for everyone.</p>