Chance an international student !

<p>Hi everyone, here are my stats and I would like to know where I stand in the midst of the admission season, please chance me :)</p>

<p>Clark University (Dream school), Trinity College, Tufts, Boston U, Worcester State, Framingham State (both safe schools), Emerson.</p>

<p>Public School in Paris, France
GPA 3.7 UW
SAT 680 CR 500 M 680 W (1860)
TOEFL 105/120</p>

<p>Course load
French Literature, English, English Literature, AP English (we don't have AP in French but the designation means the class has higher level of difficulty), Spanish, Italian, History, Geography, Gym and Philosophy</p>

<p>9th grade GPA 3.05/ 10th 3.11/ 11th 3.7/ GPA for 12th grade not determined yet but likely to be around 3.7 as well.</p>

Thai dance along with world dances for 10 years
Volunteering at the animal shelter for 2 years
Exchange program in the US for 1 year
Learning Mandarin for 1 year
Varsity Letter in Cross Country while on my exchange program
Creator and Head of the non profit organization 'Humanity Projects for a stronger community' where I teach children from lower classes English.
Member of the Student committee for 3 years.
Part-time job (20h/wk)</p>

<p>I know my stats and EC's are not exceptional like most of you but I feel they reflect who I truly am and what I am interested in life. I don't plan on attending crazy school, I would just like to go to a school that fits me, that I love and that loves me.</p>

<p>Also, my parents are willing to pay up to 20k per year for my education, do you think there is any chance I get enough scholarship and finaid money so they will be afford to pay for me to attend college ?</p>

<p>Please give me your opinion :)</p>

<p>anyone ???</p>

<p>Bump, please ?</p>