Chance an International. Will chance back

<p>SAT: ( M - 760, CR- 730, W- 630) 1490/2120
SAT 2 in Math 1, Math 2 and Physics both expecting 700+</p>

<p>Top 10% at a VERY competitive high school ( Last year school sent 1 - Harvard, 2 - Yale, 1 - Columbia, 1- Berkeley, 1 - U Chicago, 2 - Emory, 1 - Barnard )</p>

<p>9.5/10 GPA (UW)</p>

Jr. Student Body President (9th Grade)
Jr. President, Cultural Club (9th Grade)
Jr. Director, Theatre Club (9th Grade)
Sr. Coordinator, Cultural Club (10th Grade)
Sr. Secretary, Cultural Club (12th Grade)
Treasurer, Chemistry Club (12th Grade)
Coordinator, Physics Club (12th Grade)
Editor In Chief, Physics Newsletter (12th Grade)
Student Council </p>

Award for the best all rounder student.
Awardee All India Scholarship (7-8 selected each year)
Auctioned a painting for International Congress for Women
Research work on Changing Trends in Indian Media
Exchange Programme to Singapore
Highest marks in Mathematics
Excellence in Organizational Abilities
Duke of Edinburgh Award (GOLD)</p>

Summer Internship at an Architecture Firm
Assisted on a project at Innovative Design Consultants: Sustainable Art
E-Petition, 500+ signatures</p>

Computer Aided Design (3 Months)</p>

Initiated Cultural Newsletter
Organizer Cultural Week featuring eminent artists (6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)
Annual Fund Raiser at the School Winter Fest
Organizer Physics Symposium (Over 40 schools participated in 6 events)
Organizer Chemistry Symposium (Also a founding member) </p>

Theater workshop with renowned theater actress Isabelle Martin
Theater production with Thespian Theater Club
Theater Production “The Twelfth Knight”
Theater Production “Cinderella”
Theater Production “Comedy of Errors: Wild in the Jungle”
7 years of Jazz - Elementary Advanced (Highest student level)<br>
Indian classical Vocal - 1st year with distinction 2009
Organized over 35 events featuring artists from different genres of Indian classical music and dance to promote Indian Culture.
Learning painting since 4 years
Contributor: “Arts and Astronomy Exhibition” Contributor: “Inter House Exhibition, School” </p>

Volunteered at a local NGO: 3 hours a week (Taking care of and teaching little kids)
English teacher at a nunnery
English teacher for children of daily wage laborers of a small scale industry</p>

Physics teacher: He loves me
Math teacher: Will be pretty good
Principal: Decent-good-ish
Might submit an additional one if possible from my employer</p>

They are simple, to the point and very very honest and emotional</p>

<p>And please suggest some safety schools. </p>

<p>Thank You!</p>

<p>Sounds strong. Are you Indian? Are you applying for preferred admission/what majors are you looking at, architecture?</p>