chance an international

<p>GCE O Levels : Straight 8 As (A being the highest grade possible)
Top in the world in O Level Economics (highest marks achieved in 2009)
AS Level : Chemistry 94% a<em>, Economics 91% a</em>, Physics 91% a<em>, Maths 98% a</em>
A Level Predicted grades : 4 A*
SAT 1: 650 cr, 730 math, 690 writing (2070 superscored)
gave in jan10 and nov10 . got 2050 both times lol
SAT 2: giving this december (math2,chem,phy) expecting 700 plus in all three
Nationality: Pakistani
Essays: Unique in a way, show diversity and my experiences of living in Pakistan.
Recommendations: Excellent</p>

<p>ECs: Head of the Model UN club at school (leadership position)
Squash, Tennis and Football at Local/Regional Level
Several Maths quiz, Science fairs, etc
Community Service in Earthquake effected region of Pakistan (mentioned in essay as well)
Worked with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Internship at a bank in summers
Done a lot of economics related reading and research (i dunno if that counts)</p>

<p>Will be applying for financial aid, so that will hurt my chances</p>

<p>Major : Economics (maybe with International relations)
I will be applying to 6-7 colleges.
I have made a list (please let me know if i need to make changes to it)
Northwestern University
Wesleyan University
Claremont Mckenna
University of Texas-Dallas</p>

<p>I dont have any safeties on my list, please let me know of some good colleges where I will have a decent chance. I would not be surprised if i get rejected from all my choices because I will be applying for aid but any how please chance me.</p>

<p>Good to see someone else who also gave O and A levels. Haven’t seen much british curriculum students in CC. BTW are those CIE A levels?</p>

<p>yup . CIE Alevels .
come on people . any advice would be appreciated</p>

<p>Your application is pretty well-rounded. Was your internship at the bank paid?
What level was the research at?
what kind of work did you do with WWF?
did you place in the math competitions?</p>

<p>it’s kinda hard to gauge, but I believe your SAT 1 needs to be strong for Uchicago.
You’re ECs are ok, but they could be awesome; I can’t tell by the vagueness.</p>

<p>Your grades are really good,did you take IGCSE or Cambridge O levels tailored to your country?just curious.Wesleyan is a non-starter if you are an intl requiring aid.At Chicago its anyones guess,but Northwestern aid is an issue again(I think its about 25 aid packages/yr for intls,competition is stiff.)You need to add about 3 more schools for which you are overqualified to be safe.</p>

<p>Hey thanks for replying, My Ecs are on the weaker side because for most of my high school years I was studying in a very small town of Pakistan (due to father’s occupation) and there were very little opportunities of activities outside school. Should I mention this in my application ? Will universities consider this ?
I took the International O Levels (Cambridge board).
So what universities do u suggest ? Ivies will be impossible with my SAT scores so please if you guys have any good universities in mind (which are good with aid aswell), let me know.</p>

Please help me, how are my stats for NYU ?</p>

<p>NYU has no aid.</p>