Chance an unusual Asian Male

@reeeweee, no disrespect but you are a rising HS Senior. What special knowledge do you have that qualifies your advice to the OP?

lol my mom was a former admission officer at a T20 school (not going to name for anonymity) & counselor and it was just a suggestion bc a lot of the OP ec’s show a more business spike.

Convince us you really want poli sci Put another way, how will this convince top adcoms? No experience in that or advocacy?

The business experience is barely there and making money is no tip to a top college. Eyes glaze over. Other than music and Boys State, what do you do with hs peers. Do you understand what your target colleges look for?

Btw, OP doesn’tt have real spike and that’s a good thing. But he needs to figure how to make sense of this jumble, what matters most. This isn’t a coherent list. It’s possible he really wants STEM. Or finance. Sorry, OP, but you need to qualify for us.

I do agree your title caught my eye to look at your post. You are clearly very strong in math and science but your intended majors (not including your business), ghost writer (you can write and communicate) and of course you are very strong in business. I agree that applying for business seems to be a no brainer given some of your skills, however, it would be a field that as an Asian male, you may find more competition. I’ve put 3 kids through college and now my youngest is looking at many of the schools on your list. I’ve been to their information sessions and private admissions meetings times 4 now. Also, I’ve been fortunate to have all 4 of my kids attend a high school with a very good college counseling department and a high school that has parents/students participate in case studies of actual applicants (minus their personal identifiers) who applied to these highly selective schools. Working through these case studies with the actual admissions reader gave a greater understanding of what goes into selecting an applicant. You have mostly Liberal Arts Schools on your list, if they have an applicant who will use both the arts and science of a school (interdisciplinary), that is of interest to them. Yes, you are great in business even a bit of an entrepreneur but it doesn’t mean you need to major in it, just another interesting fact about you. If you also have an interest in political science, public policy or how about global policy and philosophy it will not hurt for you to lean in with less competition in a major you also love. Although they say business and politics do not mix, this day and age its far more common than not. As a CEO of a company, knowing the values of their company and leading with that is becoming popular than being silent. Leaning in on politics, expand about your California Boys State.

@lookingforward hey, thanks for the reply. I do agree that a lot of polisci-major application consideration leans heavily on my acceptance and performance in Boys State. However, I’m open to applying with something like English and Business, where I have significantly more experience. I gained experience with the commercial world of music producing electronic music, and about brick-and-mortar business with my two internships.
Would this change any of your considerations in your opinion?

In addition, you seem to be the only person in a wide range of people I’ve asked that says my ghostwriting and business experience is not very unique to admission officers (no hard feelings btw). Can you possibly explain why you think this way? I’m always open to hearing different perspectives. Again, thanks for the feedback.
I’ll also like to add that I really, really detest STEM. It’s one of the reasons my GPA is so low, and I would not even think of doing a STEM major or job ever. has some information about 2018 UC admit rates by GPA, but you need to recalculate your GPA by the UC method (use the weighted-capped version to compare to that table) – links to calculator and information on GPA recalculation in that post.

Out of curiousity, are you re-taking AP Physics C to get a 5?
And, why stats instead of Calc BC? schools are different, but in the schools our lot went to, that would not be considered a very demanding senior course load.

^The OP has stated that he has NO interest in STEM. No reason for either of those things.

@collegemom3717 i’ve heard from many, many people that taking AB then going into BC 12th grade is not a good look.
And no, I’m not retaking Physics C. I’m satisfied with my score because I didn’t take the class for it.

…maybe a typo then? b/c Physics C is on your course list for senior year

As other posters have noted ‘the plural of anecdote is not data’. For schools that look at rigor, Calc BC (the natural follow on to AB in many schools) > Stats… And taking out physics from your senior courseload reduces the rigor.

But as a non STEM kid, maybe he needs to focus on making sense of the ECs. Best way to stand out for poli sci is to get experience volunteering on a campaign or in a rep office. So many kids do not do this.

OP, it’s not about a count of xx big things, with titles or awards. You have a lot of music, which you’ll likely need to condense for the activities section. 80 hours recording music isn’t the sort of community service top colleges want- they like real community engagement, hands on, outside of your usual comfort zone. Starting a biz is not, in itself a tip (and it sounds like a solo experience.) Despite not wanting stem, you have AP comp sci planned, physics C. Etc. And as said, your stem scores are stronger than the others.

I think adcoms may be confused what you really want. Breadth is great. But this feels like a jumble. I think you can stop, rethink it all, and improve it. You want to learn what the different colleges value and decide how you can show that.

If I were the OP, I might consider WashU and take Vandy, NW, Hopkins, and Duke off the list.

Also there is nothing wrong with not taking Calculus BC after AB. The OP’s course schedule is rigorous enough and the AP scores are all 4s and 5s.

The concern might be no mention of a foreign language in the course schedule, as most Top 20 schools like to see an FL taken to at least Level 4.

@collegemom3717 I meant that I won’t be taking the AP test, but I will be taking the COURSE. And in AB and BC are pretty similar in their content, so colleges might think I’m taking the easy route for taking those two back to back.

@Hamurtle I’ve taken Spanish from 1 to 3, and I’m not sure if I should add a Spanish 4 to my 12th grade course list. I’m also fluent in Korean, if that changes anything regarding languages. Thanks for the feedback!
Do you have any particular reason you would take those particular colleges off my list? Do they have certain patterns regarding admissions? I appreciate the answers.

@lookingforward Thanks again. I’ll just expand on my involvement in Smile Train: I’m recording music and selling it, but along with that I’m also busking, and having a live concert for the community.
In addition, would colleges consider the intensive volunteering of Police Explorers (where I am always interacting with the public, directing traffic, giving directions, etc.) an instance of community service?

No, I didn’t mean more Smile Train, it’s mostly about fundraising, no? At a distance. I meant something where you directly do something with the needs and needy around you or some local advocacy group, run by adults, for local needy. Busking is great, but not community service. It’s still more music and something most people do solo. Same with a concert, more music, not hands on.

Similarly, Explorers is volunteer work, sure, but again, not what colleges consider comm service, per se. You’d want to do more than, say, direct traffic. Is there an Explorer way to go work with needy teens or families? If not, you’ll need to find this. Easiest way is to get involved with a meal site, now and through December, at least.

WashU is unpredictable re: admissions, for several reasons.

Try to learn what these colleges look for and expect.

@lookingforward I appreciate your feedback, thank you.

Seriously, you took AP Physics C outside of school, sat the exam, and scored a 4, and are now taking the class for HS credit?

Depends on if your high school normally has BC as a following course to AB, or if BC can be taken immediately after precalculus. If the latter, then it can look like grade-grubbing through repeating most of the course.

Yes, that looks weird. Seems like taking Spanish 4 instead would be more helpful, especially given some of your possible intended majors.