Chance an upcoming HS Senior at UC schools!


<p>Preferred **University*: Top UC schools (UCLA, UCB, UCSD), Cal Poly, Stanford (reach)
**Intended *
Major: Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering
Ethnicity: Asian (Vietnamese)
Residence: California, USA</p>


<p>GPA-UW <a href="Year%209%20included">I</a>: 3.89 (3.83 without)
<a href="Year%209%20included">I</a>: 4.11 (4.166 without)
SAT1: 1850 <a href="650M%20640W%20560CR">/B</a> **2180 <a href="800M%20720W%20660CR">/B</a>
:** Biology-E 700, **USHistory **680, **Math2 **720 (Definately need to retake Math; Should I send the US score?)
: Biology 5, PhysicsB 4, USHistory 4 </p>

<p>Class Load</p>

<p>Year 9:
English 1 Pre-AP
Geometry CP
Biology CP
Geography CP
Health CP
Track & Field
Spanish 1 CP</p>

<p>Year 10:
English 2 Pre-AP
Algebra 2 Honors
AP Biology
World History CP
Track & Field
Spanish 2 CP</p>

<p>Year 11:
English 3 CP
Precalculus Honors
AP Physics B
AP US History
A+ Certification Computer Repair
Spanish 3 Honors</p>

<p>Year 12:
English 4 AP (maybe CP)
AP Calculus BC
Chemistry CP
AP US Government/Macroeconomics
Computer Graphics Arts
Track & Field</p>

<p>Extra Curricular</p>

<p>3 Years of JV Track&Field
2 Years of National Honors Society
2 Years of California Scholarship Federation
2 Years as *Tech **Coordinator *for the Future Business Leaders of America
2 Years as *Public **Relations *for the Pennies for Peace Organization
2 Years as *Treasurer *for the Lend-a-Paw Foundation
2 Years as *Secretary *for the Catholic Service Club</p>

<p>I'm nothing special; just an average student hoping to get into a good UC school. Do I have what it takes to get into UCLA or am a lacking the academic strength? Also, do I have enough EC's? (currently I'm trying to find some community service opportunities) Thank you for spending time chancing me!</p>

<p>Sorry, I forgot to add my class rank. I'm in the top 4%, and I think that means I qualify for the California ELC Program. I'm not too sure how that program works though.</p>

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