Chance an Upward Trend

<p>I'm a current junior at a prep school in SE PA. I didn't take school seriously until this year. I will address that in my college essay. Also, does Penn State have a form of GPA forgiveness, such as putting emphasis on my Junior and Senior Grades? Will they notice my upward trend, and will is sway them into a decision? Should I apply as early as possible because of rolling admissions</p>

<p>Applying: Undecided</p>

<p>Freshman: 2.65
Sophomore: 2.66
Junior (So Far) 3.71</p>

<p>My Cumulative GPA going into my senior year will be around 2.95-3.05 (Will continue getting good grades senior year)</p>

<p>Have not taken the SAT or ACT yet, my guidance counselor thinks i'll do better on the ACT though. Because of my science and math grades.</p>

<p>PSAT: 187</p>

<p>Awards: 9th Grade Academic Achievement award in Programming, 10th grade JV hockey all star, JV hockey coaches award</p>

<p>Leadership: Head of Programming robotics team</p>

<p>ECs: FIRST Robotics, academic competition, March for Life club, varsity ice hockey, Theatre Society, stock market club, intramural soccer and volleyball, Club ice hockey, eBay powerseller, jv lacrosse, and 250+ hours of community service.</p>


<p>They do not look at senior year grades.
Offer to do the summer session.
Make sure your second term grades Junior year as just as good.
Take some APs next year - as they do look at your senior year schedule.
Write a solid essay - although they may not look at it. I wrote mine about Penn State whereas many of my friends copied their commonapp essay.
Aim for at least a 25 on the ACT.
They will notice your upward trend.
Just apply before November 30.</p>

<p>KBLITZ are you a PSU student? You seem to give a lot of great advice!</p>

<p>PSU receives tens of thousands of applications every year; it is unlikely they’ll notice your upward trend. Cumulative GPA is weighted 2/3 in admissions and the middle 50% GPA range at university Park is 3.52-3.97. It is most likely that you will be offered admittance to a branch campus.</p>

<p>cr2012: I’ll be going to Penn State University Park next year.
I had a 2.9 at the end of junior year and I had a 1970 SAT. I wrote an amazing essay, decent extracurriculars, and I offered to do the summer session. I went to every information session, tour, everything to make sure I got into Penn State and I did. I also go to Brooklyn Tech where an 85 average is REALLY good and Penn State is aware of that and they accept students with lower averages from my school, knowing this information.</p>

<p>Congrats, kblitz, that’s impressive. Good luck!</p>

<p>@Kblitz I go to Midwood btw! And I didn’t sign up for summer session because I’m going to vacation during July. I’m still having trouble looking for housing and will try to visit PSU.</p>

<p>Kblitz - that’s awesome! You are so driven which is an amazing quality! Good luck at PSU!!</p>

<p>kblitz, thanks for your advice, it really has given me hope. Good Luck at UP</p>

<p>I’m in your boat as a junior too, but from my research (and ive been doing a lot of it) its that GPA they care about, and im sure they’ll notice an upward trend, but it would probably depend on how they view your high school. You would probably have to do pretty well on the SAT, and based on the PSAT you probably will, but if not I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave you the 2+2 plan instead.</p>

<p>And I would definitely tell them you’ll do the summer session too, as that seems to help a lot of people who teeter on the edge get in</p>

<p>does summer session allow me to get credits taken during the session? Does it increase my chance of admission?</p>

<p>increases chances and you get 6 credits out of the way usually</p>

<p>I’m taking 3 APs next year, will they look at my strength of schedule, and will they look at my 1st quarter senior year grades? I’m also thinking about joining the National Art Honor Society as well.</p>

<p>They will,look at SOS but not 1st q grades.</p>