Chance an URM for Villanova Engineering

<p>Hey everyone! After receiving my ACT scores this weekend, I am extra discouraged and lost a lot of confidence. </p>

<p>I am applying to Villanova RD (I should have applied EA). It is my dream school, but now I don't think I even have a chance...</p>

<p>Anyways, here are my stats:</p>



-GPA: 3.45 UW
~Freshman: 3.29 UW (No Honors; No APs)
~Sophomore: 3.57 UW (No Honors; No APs)
~Junior: 3.49 UW (2 Honors Classes; No APs)
~Senior: N/A (No Honors; 4 APs)</p>

<p>-Rank: 127/460 (I know, it's pretty bad, but my senior class is very smart)</p>

<p>*I put on the brag sheet for my GC that during freshman year I had personal problems that distracted from academics, but I don't know if she mentioned that</p>

<p>Standardized Tests:
-ACT: 27 (I know it's bad, and I can't take it again :()</p>

<p>-SAT II:
~Math II (around 690-720)</p>

-Office Assistant @ a Hispanic Financial Service Group(11th and 12th Grade; 16 Hrs/Wk)</p>

-120 Hrs @ Habitat for Humanity (9th to 12th)
-Varsity Soccer (10th to 12th) --> Captain Senior Year
-Co-Treasurer of Environmental Club (11th to 12th)
-Freshman Soccer (9th) --> Captain
-Freshman Basketball (9th)
-Technology Students Association (12th)</p>


<p>Btw... I will chance back!</p>

<p>Bump... Someone help!</p>