Chance and financial aid help :)

Hi guys!
So I would like to apply to Florida Tech as a information systems major. I am an international student who would need need based aid to fund my education (70-100% tuition met)
Also what my chances will be for acceptance?

SAT: 1190 (will retake in December)
GPA: 3.8 UW ( No weighted in my country)
AC: European parliament meetings
Delegate at European parliament programme

EC: President of an aviation club for 3 years

Thank you very much =)

You should get in. The average GPA last year was 3.6 and SAT score was 1160. You’re above both.

You’ll qualify for student loans, but I doubt you’ll get 70-100% of your tuition paid for free. Even if you improve your SAT score some, your stats are good but wouldn’t be top of the freshmen class.

There are not loans for international students that I know of. The merit scholarships use statistics, so the higher your SAT, the more you are likely to get. I think the highest is now 1/2 tuition.

Wow that is Low! I need need based aid