Chance and Q's regarding stern

<p>Hi, my junior stats are basic set in stone.
I would like your opinion on my potential getting into stern.
my gpa is pretty crappy: 4.11 weighted, my school does not do
unweighted... But I have been taking the most rigorous courses</p>

<p>ranking: 33-40/350
SAT 1990 <-- will definitely retake.
SAT SUBJ - 800 math II, 780 Chem, 720 USH
AP: Comp Sci 3, Chem 4, Calc BC 5, APUSH 5, Physics B 5.
Im pretty active socially - I class rep'd for two years.
I chartered a new school committee through the principal.
I started a solar awareness club and initiative with a website and all that.
I serve on the superintendents board as well as on the senior activities board.
I have been accepted to 3 pre-college programs (governors school)
^I declined them all because of an internship at a DoE laboratory. </p>

<p>My course load for next year: Calc 2(post AP), AP Lang, AP MICRO&MACRO, AP French, AP MEH. </p>

<p>Race: Asian <-not a full model minority by blood though :(
Location: Tennessee.</p>

<p>So my school does science pretty well, but will this factor interfere with my chances at stern?
Also, I see that Stern accepts 3 SAT II Subj for admissions purposes. Does submitting 3 subj tests give people more advantage?</p>

<p>Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I am typing this from an Itouch.
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Besides your SAT score, I think you're in good shape. For Stern, aim for at least 2100, especially since you're Asian. And submitting good SATII subject tests on top of good SATI score gives your application an advantage over those that do not have SATII tests.</p>