Chance asian female for cornell uni

-cornell typically takes 15-20 kids from my school – competitive public school in the east coast. i’m trying to eventually go to pharm school. i’m a rising junior

-gpa: 4.0 UW, ~4.8 W no class rank but i think i’m around top 20 in a class of 500

-courseload [aps start junior year for most] :

all honors 9th and 10th grade
(11th grade) ap calc bc, ap chem, ap lang, ap physics 1+2[self studied], ap bio
(12th grade) ap physics c em and ap physics c m, multivariable calculus, apush, ap lit, maybe ap micro

-sat/act: 1550 sat, 35 ACT, 800 math subject test


  1. cello-
  • allstates 3x (pretty high seats)
    -2 really big city youth orchestras in my area (different states but good reputations)
    -school section leader 4x
    -some competitions
    -volunteering work for a pretty big adult-led npo.
    will be submitting arts supplement
  1. hospital volunteering- did since my soph year at a local hospital 4 hrs/week. i actually really liked this so you should try it out if you like it!
  2. researching- worked with a local prof on some stuff and i'm planning on submitting to science fairs and hopefully qualify for something larger
  3. swimming- quit club swimming but i've been a member of my school's varsity swim team since my freshman year. nothing too special here but swimming took up so much of my time during the winter
  4. teacher's assistant/lab aide- idk if this counts but my junior year i was a lab aide for one of my stem teachers during my study halls. i want her to write my rec but this was also something that i took out of my normal day to do.
  5. i tried starting a medforum club at my school but they're waiting on club approvals right now. we'll see though
  6. tried out for columbia shp recently and results come in 17 days--> i'll keep this post updated.

don’t be afraid to be really stark and harsh- i need it. thanks

I myself am not qualified to “chance” anybody, for the most part, but
given that
"-cornell typically takes 15-20 kids from my school – competitive public school in the east coast. "

I would hope that the guidance department at your school should be in a very good position to chance you.

Also FWIW Cornell does not have a pharmacy program. There are other schools that can direct-admit you into their pharmacy program. If it still works that way. SUNY Albany? St. Johns? Things in that field may well have changed though since I paid any attention, I recall that they require a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to practice now, not a Bachelors.

thank you for the comment! i know cornell doesn’t have a pharm program but i was thinking maybe a pre-pharm track. those schools sound great though so i’ll check it out

im in no position to chance you, but i was thinking about heading in the same path as you (pharm school)!! i was thinking - is it best to get into a pharmacy program right out of high school, or can you major in biology and then go into a school geared towards pharmacy graduates?