Chance at acceptance for my buddy

<p>I have a friend who wants to attend bama but he is very worried about being accept he has a 2.2 cummulative gpa and a 20 act if he gets decent grades in his 7th semester can he still get in let me know asap thanks :)</p>

<p>It would be iffy. His stats are low. </p>

<p>Is he retesting? He should also take the SAT. He can also retest after the New Year. Bama probably will want to see his 7th semester grades. </p>

<p>Is he instate? Is he a URM?</p>

<p>Why is his GPA so low?</p>

<p>out of state and grades are low due to not studying so much but its his grades are B's and C's and he has decent grades in this 7th semester</p>

<p>He meets the guaranteed admission standards for Mississippi State. He could apply there as a safety school. Requirements</a> - Freshman Admission || Office of Admissions and Scholarships || Mississippi State University It isn't Alabama, but would provide a state flagship experience with SEC athletics.</p>

<p>wow anyone who graduates does lol and he really wants to attend bama so like what is his percentage</p>

<p>Well, his best chances wil be if he applies ASAP. The later he applies, the harder it will be.</p>

<p>Have him send his 1st quarter grades as well, and have him send his first semester grades when that's over.</p>