Chance at Carnegie Mellon?

I am a male from New York

Please chance me for Carnegie Mellon. I would also greatly appreciate any advice that would help my chances.

I will chance back.

UW: 3.79
W: 3.89

2 APs: U.S. and Global History (only ones my school offers)

Composite: 1890
CR: 600
Math: 630
Writing: 660

Composite: 32
English: 35
Math: 29
Reading: 33
Science: 29
Writing: 30
Planning on taking again for 34

Varsity soccer 2 years
Varsity tennis 4 years
Assistant coach for girls varsity tennis team for one year
Participated in the school play and a community musical
Assisted with set construction of a community musical
National Honor Society member
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

ACT Math is on the lower end for CMU
its a raech but if you can get your math ACT up to a 33 itll be a low reach/high match
Predict Results-

You did not say which program you want to apply to at CMU. It makes a difference.

Do not submit that SAT score. Your ACT composite is right at 50% for CMU, but you may be hurt with the lower math score and the fact that your school only offered two AP classes. Right on 50% mark for BOTH ACT and GPA would be 33 ACT and 3.77 GPA, so if you can get that ACT up to 33 (or 34 like you want to), then you’ll have a better shot. I say low reach but with a real possibility of getting in. Good luck.

What are your safeties?

@Catria University of Alabama is my safety