Chance At Cornell Ed??

<p>School Type: Private/ All Girls Roman Catholic
Location: 9th&10th in Saltillo Coahuila in Mexico , 11th&12th Toledo, Ohio
Race/Gender: Mexican / Female
Prospective Major: Chemical Engineering
Unweighted GPA: 4.2
Class rank: top 10% out of 144</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT I Verbal: NEW SAT </p>

<p>SAT II Scores
SAT II Math IC: Dec :)!!
SAT II Math IIC: May 2005
SAT II Molecular Biology: waiting fo
SAT II Spanish: waiting fo </p>

<p>Long-form Info</p>

<p>Extracurricular Info
Im applying to 8-10 schools. (List isnt done yet) </p>

<p>No SAT I yet, im waiting for it to change!!(I hate analogies) will take junior year, right now I’m just going to take the TOFEL,SAT II Biology M, SATIIc Math Ic , SAT II Spanish and learn SAT Voc. </p>

<p>I was born in Mexico, will move to Toledo Ohio this summer where I will finish HS (Junior and Senior year) </p>

<p>I have lived in about 4 places in Mexico, and once Canada, my english is pretty good. </p>

<p>I speak Spanish as my first language English as my second language,( My current school is Trilingual) , and I’m learning French. </p>

<p>My EC’S: </p>

<p>Freshman year </p>

<p>*Debate team captain English/Spanish
*student council Vice-President (founded student council with other 4 students)
*Oratory English/Spanish
*Poetry recitals English/Spanish
*School Play acting
*Class President for the second semester.
*Honor Roll 2nd
*social participation and guided groups such as: ECYD (guide),
Angle for a day , Club Quinto Guide, Un Kilo De Ayuda, Banco de Alimentos(Food Bank).
*President of ANCLA( association of abstinence to smoking drinking and drugs) and conferences at my community

  • Courses and volunteer work at: homeless shelters, orphanages, helping kids with hearing disabilities. 20 h per month, different one per week.
    *Soccer (Me and some friends made our own team outside of school)
    *basket ball player (In school)
  • Tennis player (Private Lessons)
    *Private Math, Ecology, History and Chemistry Tutor.
    *group of the international show case (investigation of cultures and languages) </p>

<p>9th grade summer: I helped around at a place where they breed dogs. </p>

<p>Sophomore year: </p>

<p>*Student council President
*Debate team cap (English/Spanish)

  • Some more volunteer work at Telethon Kids Heath center in Coahuila.(I helped during its opening)
  • Shadowed MY DENTIST.
    *Helping at an organization called Lazos (promoting and helping to find ways to raise money for the unprivileged kids at rural schools)
    *Private Tutor (Math, Chemistry, World History, Social Science, Biology)
    *Class Vice president in the 1st semester and President in the Second semester.
    *Continue preaching at rural places, and still be ECYD Guide
  • Continued Tennis Private Lessons
    *Basketball (school team – going to a few tournaments In Guadalajara, Monterrey etc…)
  • Founded an Earth Club (Current President and Founder, opened in January 2004, began celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd as a fund raiser for the campus green areas and for the clubs expenses)
    *Founded a Woman’s in Engineering and Science Club.( founding this club, has been an amazing experience, twice a week we make a presentation at school about diverse processes that are needed inorder to obtain a product)
    *volunteering: Un Kilo de Ayuda, Caritas, and at a retirement home, Banco de alimentos (Food Bank).(16hours per month, a different organization per week)
    *Familia Misionera ( Missioning and Preaching catholic religion, in rural places, up North with in the state of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, during Easter Break and other vacational periods)
    *Began with other 4 friends a group of teens from 14-18 years old called " El Apoyo del Mundo Necesitado" old to organize raffels and got over 2000 US dollars, wich was used to help the people damaged by the flood in Piedras Negras, Coahuila in Mexico in 2004. </p>

<p>11th grade:
Private Tennis Lessons
JETS (President)
Sience Club(Vice President)
Spanish Club Co-Treasurer
Zonta Club
French Club
Angela’s Arrows </p>


<p>Summer 10th: Moving (Toledo Ohio)/ Tour Europe
During 11th grade: Im looking for research oportunities at MCO (Medical college of Ohio) or a
I’m Saving money to attending a summer program either at Cornell (my fist choice), Yale, MIT (RSI program!!! I so want to be there :)!!) or Harvard. Looking for research opportunities. </p>


<p>Other Info
Academic Awards:
Honor Roll so far 9th(2md place),10th(1st place)
Top Sophomore of the Year.
Excellence award (9th and 10th grade)
Excellent academic achievement award 1st all subjects.(10th grade)
Integra Mulier Fortis Award (given to the sutudent with the highest GPA of the entire High school)
Math Bowls 2nd, 1st, and 3rd.

  • Basketball (CECVAC Tournaments)
  • Premios bachillerato Anahuac National Finalists ( Debate in English) Finalist 2003-2004
    *Premios Bachillerato Anahuac National Finalist (Oratory in English) 2004
    *Premios Bachillerato Anahuac National Semi-Finalist (Debate in Spanish) 2003-2004
  • 1st place in the State Math Olympiad inside the state of Coahuila, Mexico.( with this I cualified for National competition Bachillerato Anahuac 2004)
    *Premios Bachillerato Anahuac Math Olimpiad National Top 10, finalist. 2004
    *Premios Bachillerato Anahuac, English Short Story writter. Top National Finalist.2004
    *Science National award (Premios bachillerato anahuac Mexico City DF.) 2004

<p>CLASSES: </p>

<p>9TH &10TH IN MEXICO </p>

<p>Freshman Classes taken 2002-2003 (The ones with * were taken in English, the ones without it were taken in Spanish as offered) </p>

<li>Spanish </li>
<li>Mathematics ( Algebra/Trigonometry) </li>
<li>*History of Mexico & World History </li>
<li>Socioeconomic problems of Coahuila </li>
<li>Civics and Ethics </li>
<li>*Ecology/Biology (with lab) </li>
<li>Physics (with lab) </li>
<li>Chemistry (with lab) </li>
<li>*English </li>
<li>Taller de Lectura y Redaccion ( Spanish Literature and Grammar) </li>
<li>*Art </li>
<li>*Computer Class (Adobe Photo shop, Windows Office programs, History of Computers) </li>
<li>Religion (Roman Catholic) </li>
<li>*Community Service a guide for progress </li>
<li>*Physical Education (Basketball, volleyball & Tack) </li>

<p>Sophomore Classes Taken 2003-2004 </p>

<p>(The ones with * were taken in English, the ones without it were taken in Spanish as offered, except French) </p>

<p>First semester 2003-2004 10th grade </p>

<li>Mathematics (Statistics-algebra-arithmetic’s, and introduction to calculus) </li>
<li>*English (Focused on Speech/ Oratory and literature) </li>
<li>Taller de Lectura y Redaccion ( Spanish Literature and Grammar) </li>
<li>*World History </li>
<li>*Biology (with lab) </li>
<li>Chemistry (with lab) </li>
<li>*Introduction to the Social Sciences </li>
<li>Religion </li>
<li>*Community Service a guide for progress </li>
<li>*Physical Education ( called Ademia “Academy” took Basketball) </li>
<li>*Computer Class ( Learning to make a Game, Web Pages History of Computers) </li>
<li>French I </li>

<p>Second Semester 2003-2004 10th grade </p>

<li>Mathematics ( Pre Calculus) </li>
<li>*English (Focusing in Speech and Oratory) </li>
<li>Taller de Lectura y Redaccion ( Spanish Literature and Grammar) </li>
<li>History of Mexico </li>
<li>*Biology (with lab) </li>
<li>Chemistry (with lab) </li>
<li>*Learning Strategies (Studying skills) </li>
<li>Religion (Roman Catholic) </li>
<li>*Community Service a guide for progress </li>
<li>*Physical Education (Currently taking Basketball) </li>
<li>*Computer Class ( Learning to make a Game to compete nationally in Bachillerato Anahuac Contest in Mexico City, and taking also the history class about their functions) </li>
<li>French II </li>

<p>11TH & 12TH IN TOLEDO OHIO </p>

<p>*No AP classes available in my school (Mexico -9th and 10th grade) But will take as many AP courses, in my Junior and Senior year(In Toledo) </p>

<p>JUNIOR: </p>

<p>Honors American Lite
Honors Pre-Calc
Honors Physics
Design 2 & 3
Theology III
French II
American History (REQUIRED)
Principles of Government (REQUIRED) </p>

<p>INDEPENDENT STUDY: AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP Chemistry </p>

<p>SENIOR schedule will be something like this : </p>

<p>Theology IV (Roman Catholic)
AP Literature
AP Calculus
AP Human Geography(It will be changed for another AP) or for PSEO: AP Physics
AP Statistics
French III
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
Women’s Health (state requirement I have just transfered for Junior and Senior year)</p>