chance at cornell

<p>Cornell is my dream school. . Although I don't expect to be accepted, I would still like to try.</p>

<p>I'm currently a junior in hs. By the end of this yr my gpa will be about a 3.8. This year I am doing astronomically better than the past two years. Freshman yr I was in reg classes. Last yr 3 honors. Same this yr I'm taking ap Chem us2 honors and physics honors along with pre calc Italian 3 and English 3.
If I take the ap exams in ap bio ap Chem and ap physics b and ap us history(say I get 4s and 5s) along
with the subject tests in them.. With an sat between 2000 and 2100. I have good ec's. Varsity track runner and lacrosse player. I have volunteered in a hospital er and still do(next yr I'll be in the national honors society too). I am a member at my local rescue squad where I am becoming an emt. What are my chances with and without early action of getting into cornell</p>