Chance at CSOM

<p>Hello. I applied ED to Cornell’s ILR School. I attend a public school in CA. Can you please estimate my chances?</p>

<p>African American immigrant. Came here in 2nd grade
3.65 uw gpa
30 comp act. 28 e, 33 m, 30 r, 29 s
800 math 2
770 us
740 math 1
took 11 ap’s over the course of high school
5 in us. 4 in euro, comp gov, eng lang. 3 in chem
pres of 3 clubs
mentor for 2 years
member of 5 clubs
league champ in swim since freshman year
200 hours of volunteering
ranked ~85/680
competitive magnet school</p>

<p>plus psat national achievement schoolship outstanding participant. awarded to top 3% of black psat test takers</p>

<p>senior year straight a’s with classes like ap calc bc, ap physics, ap lit, ap econ</p>

<p>You’re on the BC forum. Did you wish to be because you’re asking about Cornell?</p>

<p>oops. sorry. generic cc post. i want an estimate for csom</p>

<p>Assuming your essay matches IRL, you have a high probability of being accepted ED.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I’d say you are a high match, given your stats, resume, and URM status. You have a good chance to be accepted and I wish you the best of luck. Keep in mind that BC doesn’t give good merit aid. I’m speaking from experience, I’m a parent of a CSOM Senior daughter.</p>

<p>thank you. i’m applying to schools with great academics that promise to meet the need of applicants so both cornell and boston college are very appealing</p>

<p>Dear casablancama : Two difficult aspects here are your class rank (outside of the Top 10% from which BC draws 80-85% of the freshman class) and your ACT score which is at the split point between the third and fourth quartiles. While your GPA is slightly weak, your AP curriculum is very full with only foreign language missing from the core five areas.</p>

<p>On the extra curriculars, being a member of five clubs is one thing, but demonstrating impact of those engagements is quite another. Right now, this profile basically says “I attended” without offering what impact you have had to make your magnet school or local community stronger. What did your three president roles contribute? BC will certainly look for leadership skills emerging from your profile so be sure that your essay highlights those strengths in the context of improving the freshman environment at the university.</p>

<p>Overall, if this profile more closely fit with the middle of the admissions group, we could say that there is a match here. However, being a borderline third/fourth quarter applicant, this still feels like a slight stretch at this time. Your essay will be a critical “tell-all” in tilting the scales in your favor. Best wishes and good luck.</p>