chance at duke others

<p>decent shot at these?</p>


<p>rank- ~37/415 but probably moved up after first semester
Gpa-4.5 weighted but might be higher now</p>

<p>ACT-35 (36R, 36S, 34 M, 34W)
that is the only score i had officially sent but i self reported previous act and sat which were slightly lower</p>

<li><p>ec's /leadership/interests
national merit finalist
beta club
some other volunteer club
Presidential scholar nomination or candidate or whatever but came out too late to report that on my apps idk if the colleges see it or not</p></li>
<li><p>did science research for 2 years and did a real research paper and won some awards for it also won generic science fair award for one of them
-did hurricane katrina volunteer work in summer for 2 years, not too much since i dont live there but decent amount
-play lots of intramural/community sports mostly basket ball and football which take up a lot of time, but they are not varsity or for the school so idk if that counts but for me that is a large time consuming activity</p></li>

<p>-essay about how i came to love sports, specifically basketball. I though it was pretty creative and good, but short
-my recomendations were probably alright, i didn't see them but both teachers wanted a resume type thing so probably pretty generic</p>