Chance at Engineering?

<p>GPA: 3.4 (low sophomore year)
ACT: 34 (eng 33, math 34, reading 33, science 35)
Taking SAT soon
Top 10% public school</p>

<p>Core classes honors all the way through</p>

European History - B
Computer Science - A
Language and Composition - A
US History - B</p>

<p>Spanish 4 years</p>

<p>Next year classes:
AP Macroeconomics
AP Government
AP Calc BC
AP Spanish Language
AP Literature
AP Physics</p>

Key Club - 2 years
Scholastic Bowl Captain - 4 years (captain 2)
Eco Club - 2 years
Debate Team - 4 years
Science National Honor Society</p>

<p>Internship at a construction company
Internship at an Indian non-profit child rights organization (in India)</p>

<p>applying early</p>

<p>uhm engineering is hard to get into. Your ACT is defitinely not the question. u would get in with that ACT, but ur GPA idt is good enough to get in from people i know getting rejected and that from engineering. But ur schedule is good and they wanna see u challenging urself so that along with ACT is a positive.And being a captain for scholastic bowl is also good along with internships so i would say if u dont get in it would be because ur GPA. write good essays:)</p>

<p>If that 3.4 is unweighted, you have a decent shot. If that is weighted, you are probably not in good shape.</p>

<p>The 34 is really nice, though, as engineering has taken not fantastic GPAs coupled with great ACT scores (myself included).</p>

<p>Thanks a lot, guys. And yeah, that GPA is unweighted.</p>

<p>you should be fine, though a bit iffy.</p>

<p>try applying to DGS (general studies) then transfering in after a year.. if you know where youre looking to transfer they'll set up your classes as if you're basically already in the major your first year and as long as you get good enough grades (which have to be VERY good for engineering) then you'll be fine..</p>

<p>I would advise against what EMB9292 said. With the difficult course load you're taking, combined with the internships and great ACT score, you should be in for engineering without a hitch. If you apply to the Division of General Studies though (DGS, which should be irrelevant with your stats), you may not get the choice of engineering major you want. Some, like Biomedical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering (I think), are filled at admission. </p>

<p>On the application, engineering allows you two choices. Don't squander one on DGS. Pick the top two majors you're interested in. If by some sheer mishap you don't get into either of those, then you'll be kicked into General Engineering or maybe DGS by default, considering your stats.</p>