chance at Harvard EA

<p>Junior at a very competitive public high school in Canada (selected as Canada's top academic school by McLeans, don't know if that means much tho haha IB average last year was 5.60 out of 7, world average being around 4.5.)</p>

<p>International student (citizen of South Korea, non-citizen in Canada)</p>

<p>I will DEFINITELY need financial aid. </p>

<p>GPA: 95.4% (sophomore year)
RAnk: 2 / 128
SAT: haven't taken it officially yet, but on practice tests I usually get 800M, 700~750 CR, and 750~780 W. </p>

* all courses with the letter B is IB. I have biology, social, and english as HL IB courses.</p>

<p>Freshmen (Junior high)
Language Arts 9
Mathematics 9
Social Studies 9
Science 9
Physical Education 9
Music 9
Art 9
Religion/Health 9</p>

<p>Sophomore (high school)
English 10B
Mathematics 20B
Science 10B
Social Studies 10B
Biology 15B
Chemistry 25B
French 20B
Career & Life Management 20
Instrumental Music 10
Art 10</p>

English 20B
Mathematics 30B
Social Studies 20B
French 30B
Biology 20B
Chemistry 20B
Physics 20B
Computer Science 10B
Computer Science 20B
Instrumental Music 20
Art 20</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities
- School Instrumental Band (Gr. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
- School Jazz Band (Gr. 7, 8, 9)
- School Basketball Team (Gr. 8, 9, 10, 11)
- Mathematics Club (Gr. 10, 11)
- Debate Club (Gr. 10, 11)
- Science Olympics (Gr. 9, 10, 11)
- School Drama Production Orchestra (Gr. 10, 11)
- Student Union Room Rep Alternate (Gr. 11)
- Invited to 2004 Summer Regional Math Camp at University of Alberta</p>

<p>Volunteer/Work Experience
- Canadian Blood Services Youth Committee (Gr. 10, 11)
- Various school events
- Tutoring Peers in Mathematics and Sciences (Gr. 10, 11)</p>

Grade 9
- 2004 Edmonton Junior High Mathematics Competition Invitational – 2nd place
- 2004 Science Olympics – 2nd place in Edmonton
- 2004 Kumon Math Challenge – 4th in North America
- 2004 Stop Racism Poster Competition – 3rd in Edmonton
- 2004 School awards (Honours, Top 5 Academic Award, Art Award, Wellness Award: voted by peers)</p>

<p>Grade 10
- Alberta High School Math Competition – Top 50, which qualified me for part II
- Canadian Open Mathematics Competition – Top 25%
- Gr. 12 Euclid Math Competition – Top 25%
- Gr. 11 Fermat Math Competition – Top 25%
- Gr. 11 Hypatia Math Competition – Bronze Standard
- Michael Smith Science Challenge – 1st in Alberta
- Science Olympics – 2nd in Edmonton
- School awards (Honours with Distinction, Mathematics 20B Award, Biology 15B Award, French 20B Award, Science 10B Award, Chemistry 25B Award, Service Award)</p>

<p>Grade 11 Extracurricular Plan (some of these were mentioned above)
School Varsity Basketball Team
Math Club Vice-President
Amnesty International Club
Multicultural Club
Debate Club (going to go to many tournaments)
Aventis Biotechnology Challenge (which I think is sort of like Seimens-Westings or w/e that you Americans do :P)
Many many math competitions, physics competitions, biology competition, and chemistry competition :P:P
Junior Achievement Program (in which I form my own company with like 20 other people, create our own products and sell them)
Student's Union Room Representative Alternate
Award's Committee</p>

<p>What are my chances with EA? Is it true that Harvard doesn't take nationality into account in admission process?</p>

<p>What do you think I should work on to improve my chances? Thanks a lot! =)</p>

<p>are you even in grade 12 yet? oh and i wish i went to a prep school =)</p>

<p>no...Im only in gr. 11....ya i know it seems's just that I got anxious cuz we had an Ivy League Info Session a few days ago, and everyone started talking about college admission. It sorta freaked me out lol. I've actually asked about my chances a couple times before, but never specifically about my chances for Harvard EA.</p>


<p>lol oh ya just to let you know ProxymaForever, i don't go to a prep school.</p>

<p>bump......any comments?</p>

<p>stop bumping it so much. I think your chances are good for a canadian applicant. I'm from canada too, and I'd say your resume is strong, but not exceptional. You haven't gotten your sat scores, so it's not ascertained(then, it never will be), but your chances are above avergae I should think.</p>