Chance at Hillsdale College?

<p>Senior this year with a 3.55 GPA, and a 26 on the ACT. I had a personal interview with the admissions counselor also. I have 2 letters of recommendation, and 2 Hillsdale alumni have called on my behalf. I have participated in many extra-carriculars, including National Honor Society, and a Fellowship of Christian athletes. I have performed community service work for tornado victims, and have had 2 jobs. What other info is needed?</p>


<p>Patience ?</p>

<p>In all seriousness, if all your docs are in, just sit back and enjoy your last semester. Nothing more to be added and it's out of your hands.</p>

<p>a girl in my class might go here, thats all i know about it haha</p>

<p>Academically, you are certainly at the lower end of the spectrum, since the average admitted student is now a 30 ACT and 3.8-3.9 GPA. But your community service and alumni connections should remedy that somewhat. The interview was also a good move. This might come down to what month you applied, and a few other littler things.
An additional warning to prospective Hillsdale students: The acceptance rate (relative to an increased interest in the school versus scarce housing) is officially dropping like a rock - fell about 30% in just two recent years - so be quick and ready. I had a 32 ACT when I applied, but if the rate hadn't been so high at the time (about 70%), I believe I would not have been accepted.</p>