Chance at honors??

<p>I am applying to the GW honors program and I was wondering my chances.. I love DC and GW is in my top three...</p>

Freshman- Geomeotry, Honors English I, Honors World History, Introduction to Political Science/State and Local Government...
and Latin 1a/1b at the Local State University. 4.0, 4.333W
Sophomore- Algebra II, Biology, Honors English II, Speech, Latin 2 and Latin Upper Division at State University. All As except B in math
Junior- Honors English III, AP US History, Newspaper (opinion editor), Precal, and Physics. Introduction Philosophy at College, Law and Society (upper division Poli Sci) at College, and Ethics too at the college.
This year- AP Eng, AP Gov, Stats, Tutoring, Chem., AP Economics , and another upper division Poli Sci class at the University/politcal philosophy class </p>

<p>Scores- probably around 620 math (not my fav subject), 700+ on both verbal and writing (12 on the essay)</p>

Lead Pretrial attorney on highly demanding/successful Mock Trial Team (year round, at 15 hours a week during non comp season)
In Politcal Academy @ the high school, classes (poli sci)
100+ service learning hours,
Intern for Congressmen, 100 hrs.
Participated in a weeklong program with the ACLU,
President of Mock Trial, Politcal Action Club, Vice of Latin Club
girls state- state wide elected party platform chair
summer school program w/JSA at Georgetown, Constitutional Law, A</p>


<p>Great shot</p>