Chance at Ivies?

<p>I was wondering if i have a chance at Harvard, Upenn, stanford, and cornell for business :D oh, and NYU</p>

<p>First off, im in grade 11, a canuck, and female. Oh and im korean :)</p>

-GPA 4.0 (unweighted)
- class rank: my school doesnt tell us, but its probably top 10-15%
-ib diploma score of 42 incl diploma points
- havent taken SATs yet :$ <-- not exactly the greatest idea, haha</p>

-member of general council of.Mayors Youth Advisory Committee
-Vice president of Finance at Junior achievement's company program, planning on running for president next year
-14th at a stock market competiton
-nominated for Governors Dinner with a lot of CEOs and other corporate officials
-ambassador for Junior achievement at golf charity tournament
-invest in the stock market for fun
-community liason at a afterschool club to raise awareness of effects of stigmatizing mental illnesses
-played clarinet for 5 years, got first at a music festival
-competitive fencing, top 75 in Canada
-might do an internship at a law firm during the school year.. the lawyer is a graduate of upenn.. dont know if that helps lol</p>

<p>I think thats about it.. ssooo what do you guys think? Do i hav a chance?</p>

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<p>yes. well. depends on SAT of course, but you have a pretty good shot.</p>