Chance at Ivys?

<p>I was just wondering what my chances would be getting into a few of my top choices for colleges in US. Princeton, MIT, Upenn, Cornell, Chicago. Yale was originally on the list but apparently it's not that well known for its econ/sciences which im looking to major in (atm at least).</p>

<p>Age: 20
Singaporean citizen, grew up in an international school system in HK
Finishing my army service as an officer in Singapore this year so applying for 2013</p>

<p>Grades (sorry don't have any GPA style)
A and A+ throughout school
High school curriculum was IB where I scored maximum 7 in all subjects (ranked 4th in school year)
Higher Level: Maths, Physics, Geography
Standard Level: Economics, Chinese, English Lit</p>

<p>SAT I
Writing : 700 (20 for essay)
Reading: 710

Maths 2: 800
Physics: 800</p>

HK National team from Under-14 till U20s (won asian championships in 2009)
Varsity rugby team for 4 years
Athletics and Swimming school team for 6 years (3rd 4X400m 6th in 100m in national div. 1 competition)</p>

1st Clarinetist in Combined Schools Orchestra for 3 years (Grade 8 Clarinet Grade 5 Piano)
Led and taught intra school competitions in dance and music for house</p>

Model UN for two years representing school
Deputy Head Boy and House Captain in high school
Treasurer for Student Council</p>

Organized a TEDx event at school about religion, drugs, economic relations between HK and China
Organized music fundraiser event on behalf of clothing brand Team Humanity by billWIllie
50+ hours of service in high school through school
2nd lieutenant (officer) in SAF while in my army service in Singapore (top 10% of cohort)</p>

Ezra Scholarship for top grades in year (school) 2008</p>