Chance at NYU Stern and UPenn Wharton

I am a senior at a good public school in one of the best school county’s in the nation.
I have a 1460 SAT but I took it last week again and I think my score will be much better.
GPA 3.7 UW/ 4.2 W
SAT Math 2 730 I will be retaking it in Nov.

SAT Math 2 score is low for Wharton & Stern.

Average SAT score for those recently admitted to Wharton & to NYU-Stern are 1505 (Penn-Wharton) & 1492 (NYU-Stern).

SAT scores aren’t everything. This list might give you a benchmark to consider. If you’re only interested in working at top Wall Street banks or investment firms like Bain they typically only recruit at the T10 schools. That said, you can do very well outside the T10. I’ve heard that SMU and GT are the exceptions. SMU has a very good alternative assets program. I suspect they hire GT grads because of their math/CS backgrounds. GT lets you transfer programs so anyone going there has to have pretty good math skills.

Hi, I have 1530 superscored on SAT and 750 in Math 2. Perfect GPA at a very competitive and rigorous high school. Do you think I stand a chance at Stern for 2025?

What is your score on the math portion of the SAT ?

800 on Math section of SAT