Chance at NYU

<p>What are my chances at NYU?
English 24
Mathematics 25
Reading 23
Science 29
Composite 25
Writing 8
4.0 GPA
I'm good in the extra-curricular activity department, in my opinion.</p>

<p>Based on the information I provided what are my chances?</p>

<li>How many AP classes have you taken and roughly how many does your school offer?</li>
<li>If provided, what is your class ranking?</li>
<li>Exactly what are your ECs?
You absolutely need to either retake the ACT or take the SAT. Unless you're ridiculously loaded with ECs and that 4.0 GPA is unweighted, NYU is a high reach with that ACT score.</li>

<p>I have taken six and my school roughly offers maybe ten at the most (I think that may be too high).
I am 19 out of about 400 students.
Well some of my ECs include: Treasurer of the French Club(sophomore year), Vice-President of the French Club(Junior Year), President of the French Club(Senior Year), Key Club, Chemistry Lab Assistant, etc.
I'm also African American, if it makes a difference. I've heard that it does, but I'm not sure.</p>

<p>Ah, that information makes a huge difference. You're probably a low reach in that case. You'd easily be a match if you brought that ACT up by 3 points or got >1900 on the SAT.</p>