Chance at SCS (low gpa)?

<p>I'm applying to SCS and considering early decision. I think my test scores and CS experience are adequate but my GPA is pretty low.</p>

<p>UGPA: 3.1200
WGPA: 3.6085
*I think UGPA should actually be a 3.15 due to an error on my transcript and WGPA should also be higher for the same reason.</p>

<p>PSAT: 215 (Commended Scholar)</p>

<p>SAT I:
740M 720CR 700W (first sitting)
800M 760CR 720W (second sitting)</p>

<p>SAT II:
Math I 770
Math II 800
Physics 660 (retaking Nov. 5)</p>

<p>AP: 5's on CS and CalcAB</p>

<p>Senior Year Course Load: 3 APs (Psych, Stats, Physics), Expos./Modern Novel(second semester) L1, two electices, independent study
Expected 1st Quarter GPA: 3.7-4.0 (3.85 now)</p>

<p>Independent Studies:
Database Design (junior year)
Discrete Mathematics (this year)</p>

<p>Recommendations: CS Teacher, Counselor, Principal, Boss, Doctor*
*If it makes any difference, I had several medical problems during my sophomore year that adversely affected my grades. My doctor wrote a letter explaining some of the problems, though I know excuses aren't going to help me that much.</p>

<p>Work Experience:
I've worked for a clinical research organization as a software developer since the summer before my junior year.</p>

1st Place in a statewide CS contest junior year (4th place sophomore year)
National Merit Commended Scholar
Excellence in Physics Award (only in my school)
National Spanish Exam Honorable Mention</p>

<p>Boy Scouts:
I'm currently working on my Eagle Scout service project but I won't be done until a few months after college decisions.</p>

<p>Major: CS
Minor: probably Math</p>

<p>More Info:
Caucasian Male
Out of State</p>

<p>Do I have a decent chance (assuming ED)?</p>

<p>I also visited and had an interview if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Medical issues are a tough issue. There is mixed debate on whether to raise these-- especially if any ongoing health issues linger-- off the record, most Adcoms will admit no college wants the liability and eh- if you're on the fence, it ain't happening. If you have emotional issues- IHPO (not my IMHO) -- don't even think about raising it.
So if it were a car accident, cancer, etc. you moved over a hurdle - by all means, write about it in your essay. Have your GC write about and on the Common Ap - use the special circumstances essay to call attention to what the GPA would be if only the freshman and junior year were used to calculate your GPA at this point.</p>

<p>It's touchy-- really depends on what kind of medical issue we are talking about here as to whether it should be raised by you, GC or left out of the picture.</p>

<p>What's the GPA excluding soph year?</p>

<p>Also consider that you can apply to other schools within the university and still take classes in SCS. You will not be at the top of the enrollment list, but you can get a double major in more than one school this way.</p>

<p>I second what midwesterner said. Also, you can always transfer into SCS. I had health issues too, but I chose not to raise them (they're not supposed to take that into account in a bad way--but they probably will and there's no way of proving that they did). You do have a chance at getting in regardless, but the risk isn't worth mentioning it.</p>