Chance at Stanford mit etc

SAT: 2330 composite (800 Math, 750 CR, 780 Writing)
2290 single sitting (800 math, 710 cr, 780 writing)

-GPA: 4.0 or 3.98 uw (I’m not sure yet, didn’t get transcript bc of a fine), 4.2~4.4 weighted (My school Has a total of 5 APs with 2 being foreign language AP)

-Class Rank: no ranking but I have ELC top 9%

-AP: 5 AP Psychology
Plan to take ap calc bc and ap American lit senior
(Again only 5 APs and I don’t even qualify to take all)

College class at a CSU as part of core curriculum: university level chemistry for 3 years, university biology for 2, university physics, university statistics

Engineering electives (year long):
Introduction to engineering design, principles of engineering, digital electronics, engineering design and development

National Honor Society Vice President
official city youth council (3 years) vp or pres next year
first robotics competition 3 years,
AMC 10: 132, AIME, AMC 12: 94.5, represent SoCal with math team at arml competition
internship thought summer and senior year at major aerospace company (1 spot in the whole school district of 15+ high schools)
Won 3rd at statewide engineering design competition

Notes: I basically took all the hardest classes available to me so far but my senior year isn’t the most rigorous (8 classes instead of max of 10 per semester) because I need to make time for my internship which is basically a part time job (11$ per hour, 10+ hours a week).

State: Ca
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
School type: Public magnet school
lncome: nowhere near low


It’s possible, your stats are very solid, but just that, solid. EC might actually be on the weaker side. Nothing particularly special stands out to me, but definitely possible to see you getting in.

Seems like you have a pretty good chance according to your scores.

You are definitely qualified to enter the lottery-style admission processes of these schools, but you certainly can’t count on anything. Don’t get your hopes up, and have some definite safeties.

I think that you have a chance. Your scores and GPA look nice. If you want to improve your chances even more, then I’d add some more ECs (ones that will set you apart from other applicants). I would think that you have a chance to get in, not fully expect to get in (just in case). Good luck!

You’re in a brutal demographic market - Asian male from SoCal with STEM focus is about as tough as it gets. Your stats are competitive but don’t stand out, so it’s basically a lottery.

You need SAT IIs for all top schools. Probably not a good chance at the schools you mention due to factors mentioned by renaissance.