Chance at U chicago, Northwestern, Notre Dame, NYU

<p>Sorry.. I made some changes. so please ignore the last post that I made......</p>

<p>Oh my god.. I just found out that its much harder for internationl students to get into colleges EVEN THOUGH THEY LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES..
Will any colleges give me money? My parents cannot pay for any of the tuitions..
SO yes. I am applying for financial aid..
Please help me </p>

<h2>Oh, btw...I want to major in Biology....</h2>

Class rank : 2/400, or 1/400
GPA: 4.65ish weighted/ unweighted: ???? </p>

<p>Courses taken so far....took hardest courses offered at school.
*Freshman: all A and A+s...English 9 HD, Geo/His HD, Spanish 1, Algebra 2HD, Bio HD, PE, Drawing
*Sophomore: all As and A+s EXCEPT ONE A- in english 10-1 T.T....Eng 10HD, World His HD, Spanish 2, AP Calc AB, AP Stats, Chem HD, Phys Hd
*Junior: all As and A+s.....AP Bio, AP Chem, AP US, AP Lang&Comp, AP Calc BC, Health, Spanish 3</p>

<p>Precalc? Took it at IU High School Indepent Program(?) as a freshman. Got A..</p>

<p>This year schedule
Spanish 4/ AP Microecon/ AP Phys/AP Euro/ AP Lit&Comp/ HD Gov/ Stainglass/ Finite math(don't have any math classes left....)/ HD Organic Chem..</p>

<p>SAT I: 2260.. taking it again.. hoping to get over 2300.
SAT II : Math II - 800, Korean 800, AND will take Chem and Bio this fall...hopefully 800....
AP: US 5, BIO 5, Chem 4, CALC BC/AB 4(sigh), Lang&comp 4, Stats 4
Toefl: to be taken.. I have to take it no matter what. sigh.</p>

<p>(9,10,11) Cross Country JV
(10) Track</p>

<p>(9,10,11,12) Science Olympiad Team (various medals won)
------------------9 Regional
------------------10 Nationals Team alternative
------------------11 State/ Nationals Team member
------------------12 Science Olympiad Summer Camp - won 10 ribbons + winning team member (if this helps in any way)</p>

<p>(10,11) Academic Super bowl -> Math captain*
------------------3rd place Math in Invitational
------------------2nd Interdisciplinary in Regional</p>

<p>(11) Poetic Power Essay competition --> qualified to publish the essay in a book
(11) Jets - 3rd in State, 16th in the Nationals!
(11) Ham Radio Club - license to be acquired
(11-12) NHS
(12) Research under an IU professor
(10, 12) Peace Club member -> President.</p>

(9,10,11,12) Young Pianist Program under a professor at IU
(10,11) ISSMA gold-medalists and school orchestra accompanist
(10) IMTA 2nd place district C for Piano
(11) IMTA 3rd place district C for Piano
(10, 12) Indiana University Piano Academy (have to be accepted)
(9,10) IU Nutcracker Pre-performance pianist
(12) MAYO competition accompanist for two flutists
WILL SEND IN A SUPPLEMENT CD of my recordings.. </p>

<p>(10,11) Wonderlab + Wondercamp Internship Volunteer total 200hr +
-----Presidential Volunteer Award - Bronze
(11) Teaching Korean at Korean School 30hr+
(12) LOTS senior chosen to assist kids at camps outside the school</p>

<p>HOOK? ah.. nothing. I don't know if this will be a hook, but I currently live in a family without any income and without my father, who lives across the pac ocean. </p>

<p>Any suggestions on where to apply?
Sigh. I will most likley to attend IU (due to scholarship), but just wanted to apply to other schools as well..</p>

<p>if for fin aid, u can cross nyu and ND, nearly Chicago out</p>

<p>can you give me advice on what schools i can apply with financial aid?</p>


It is unlikely. </p>

<p>Having said that, most likely acceptance at Notre Dame and NYU, but you probably will get little to no financial assistance.</p>

IU it is then..... Any state schools you recommend?
I really wanted to get out of this town, but I guess I will have to stay here for another 4 years....
BTW, thank you very much ^</em></strong>