Chance at U of Washington, UCLA, UC Berkeley? I will chance back!

• 3.80 unweighted GPA. (4.0 this semester thus far).
• Rank: 54 of 579. Top 9%
• SAT I: Reading 580. Math 660. Writing 590. / SAT II: Math II 800. Physics 690.
• Full IB Diploma Candidate. Will finish 17 IB Classes by graduation.</p>

• Varsity Tennis Captain 2006-2009 (includes 9th grade). Lettered 2007-2009. 1st team selection.
• Key Club President 11th-12th grade. Key Club Treasurer 10th grade.
• National Honor Society President 9th grade. Vice President 12th grade.
• ASB Treasurer 12th grade.
• Japanese Honor Society Secretary 12th grade.
• 150+ hours community service accumulative. </p>

• Student of the Month
• School MVP Tennis
• All-District 1st team Tennis
• Golden Service Award (most community service hours in entire class).</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Tennis instructor 2007-2010
Sales Associate 2008</p>

<p>you look good for uw</p>

<p>are you INstate or out of state?</p>

<p>^ add and i can analyze more but as of now assuming you are out of state, i'd say that the SAT is low, GPA is on the plus side, and ECs are solid but not standout for these schools to be on the safer side. </p>

<p>Chance back pls :)
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<p>SAT is definantly low, you should retake it. GPA is fine, you're a match for UCB and UCLA if you're in-state. An dont include "student of the month" in your app, it looks ridiculous. :)</p>

<p>chacne back: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>In state or not, your app seems kinda... unfocused. You should get some volunteering, perhaps get involved in some summer or afterschool program, internships, and def. get SATs 2100-2200+!</p>

<p>So far, your app is just really... unfocused.</p>